How do you make a cold storage?

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In order to know how do you make a cold storage and how to identify and recognize the type of fruit to which a piece belongs and to know in which cold room it should be kept, it is necessary to observe if it naturally increases its ethylene level in the ripening process or, on the contrary, if it remains unchanged during this process. Let’s first learn how do you make a cold storage?

How do you make a cold storage?

To make a cold storage, you have to make it in a container rather than be exposed to dry air. There is a traditional method in which you will need to store food in pear moss, newspapers, sand, or sawdust but you can also use cardboard or bags. But to make a large-sized cold storage, you will need to contact us at

Hope you have learned briefly how to make a cold room?

At the time of their conservation, these are classified as the climacteric, those that once they have been separated from the plant can continue their maturation process. These types of fruits tend to increase both their respiratory rate and their ethylene production. Their main advantage is that they can be harvested in a green-mature state, before ethylene production, and can continue to mature. Some fruits of this type are apples, pears, or bananas.

On the other hand, there are non-climacteric fruits. These are the ones that only mature on the plant. This implies that they need to remain in it until their maximum state of maturation and are optimal for consumption. 

They tend to maintain, unlike climacteric, low levels of both respiration and ethylene production. In addition, non-climacteric fruits do not ripen with the application of ethylene, but on the contrary, their deterioration is accelerated. Therefore, ethylene tends to be used to degrade some citrus fruits such as chlorophyll. Some fruits of this type are cherries, citrus, or strawberries.

Aspects to control with a cold room:

If you want to know how to make a cold room, you will also have to understand its aspects. Within a cold room for fruit, we must control the following aspects to achieve perfect fruit cooling:

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- Temperature:

The temperature affects the fruits in different ways depending on their character (climacteric or non-climacteric). In climacteric fruits, the temperature of the cold rooms delays their ripening, while in non-climacteric fruits, what delays is the time of deterioration of the same.

Likewise, it should be noted that a high temperature can damage the tissues of the fruits, thus canceling their enzymatic activity. In other words, if the temperature is above 40º in climacteric products or 60º in non-climacteric products, their flavor will acquire an unpleasant alcoholic taste, in turn producing changes in the texture of the fruits.

However, low temperatures must also be controlled and not fall below 5º for climacteric products and 14º for non-climacteric fruits, as this will cause annoying alterations both in their flavor and in the breakage of their tissues.

Moreover, in the case of those tropical fruits, which are especially sensitive to cold, reducing the temperature of the cold stores too much can lead to their blackening, as well as changes in their original flavor.

Relative humidity:

Humidity is another factor to take into account if you want to know how to make a cold room. During the ripening process of the fruits, they perspire and lose water naturally. To control this effect, the refrigeration chambers for fruit must remain with a high relative humidity ratio, between 85 and 95%. Although, it is true that the optimal relative humidity of the fruits will depend above all on each type.

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Ventilation and industrial atmosphere:

If you want to know how to make a cold room? The third aspect you should know is to control, and no less important for that, is that the atmosphere has adequate ventilation to prevent the fruit’s own respiration from generating an atmosphere with an oxygen level of less than 2%. Since in that case, the fruits that depend on it to advance in their ripening process will stagnate and will not ripen.

For this reason, cold rooms for fruit must carry out an exhaustive control regarding the proportions of oxygen and CO2 in the atmosphere, always depending on the specific fruit we are talking about. 

It is also important to control the ethylene released by the fruits during their ripening process, which can be eliminated with optimal ventilation of the chambers.

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