How does cold storage work?

How does cold storage work?

When installing cold storage within the facilities of the food plant, the client must understand the responsibility that is acquired, one of them is the (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices. A good practice is considered as an idea that affirms that there are effective techniques, methods, processes, and activities (hygiene in food handling and refrigerated processes, preparation, packaging, distribution of food) in order to guarantee the quality of the product. In this guide, we will learn how does cold storage work?

On the other hand, it is necessary to carry out the risk assessment in the workplace, it is necessary to check all the possible risks related to the operation inside the cold storage and the prevention of accidents. It is recommended to take into account the following item:

  • Thermal clothing for employees including all PPE according to regulations.
  • Regular training for collaborators on safety indications and alarm systems in case of emergency (refrigerant leaks, power outages, forklift accidents, human resource jam in refrigerated cabin).
  • Have preventive maintenance plans and a periodic checklist on the calibration of equipment in cold storage and refrigerated warehouses.

Cold storage installation requirements:

For the design and manufacture of cold storage, the regulations for the control of the consumption of depleting substances of the ozone layer must be followed by resolution. By which the import of depleting substances of the ozone layer is prohibited. 

Safety ratings based on toxicity and flammability data are included, along with concentration limits for refrigerants. This standard does not imply endorsement or agreement that any individual refrigerant is suitable for any particular application. In this guide, we will also learn how does cold storage work.

Friendly refrigeration:

Refrigeration systems that deliver the highest efficiency with the lowest energy consumption are considered friendly, in addition, of course, to having the use of refrigerants that favor the environment. 

Although refrigerants are indeed essential, they also cause damage to the atmosphere and contribute to global warming; That is why refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2 must be used as a solution. Among the advantages of using these gases are lower cost in refrigerant charge, inert gas, greater efficiency in low and high-temperature applications.

In addition to being attentive to the aforementioned items, engineering knowledge is important for the ideal development of the project, thus guaranteeing a project according to schedules without exceeding execution times and with the best design to meet the quality of the processes. Let’s find out how does cold storage work?

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How does cold storage work?

Cold storage keeps all types of products at a particular set temperature of your choosing and that keeps them fresh and lasts longer. Keeping them at the correct temperature will reduce the damage risk and thus, extend their shelf life.

Drive-in compact cold storage is a high-density industrial pallet storage system designed to make the most of available space and height, minimizing forklift work aisles.

This shelving system is frequently used in refrigerated and frozen chambers, due to its ability to efficiently optimize space. It only needs one access aisle, from which loading and unloading are carried out, and that is why greater compaction of the racking is achieved.

Advantages of the compact shelving:

  • Profitability of the total space available.
  • Energy savings due to the reduction of the space to be cooled.
  • Ideal for storing homogeneous loads
  • Elimination of service corridors
  • LIFO logistics management (last in, first out)
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Racking with shuttle for cold storage:

The industrial rack with shuttle is a semi-automated compact storage solution for pallets that uses motorized satellite cars that carry out movements inside the rack.

This system makes the most of the available space and height, minimizing the work aisles of the forklift, which makes it ideal for operating in a cold or frozen chamber.

The shuttle system allows automatic inventory control, and the stored pallets can be loaded and unloaded in FIFO or LIFO mode in freezing chambers with temperatures down to -30ºC.

Advantages of industrial racking with shuttle system:

  • Maximizes storage capacity.
  • Reduction of loading and unloading times for pallets, by moving them with the shuttle.
  • Energy savings due to the reduction of the space to be cooled.
  • Possibility of both FIFO and LIFO logistics management.
  • Remote control of up to 4 satellite trolleys with the same remote control.

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FIFO and Push-Back (LIFO) live racking:

The live pallet racking system is a compact system that, through roller conveyors and a slight incline, allows the products stored on them to slide. It is a perfect high-density storage system for storing homogeneous pallets, and ideal for cold storage to optimize the available space.

FIFO live racks allow working with the FIFO (First in, First out) system and push-back racks with the LIFO (Last in, First out) system, using the force of gravity and thrust respectively.

Advantages of live racking for cold and frozen storage:
  • Use of space
  • Quick and easy removal.
  • Reduction of maneuvering and loading and unloading times.
  • Energy savings in cold storage.
  • Stock control improvement
  • – Compatible with other storage systems
  • – Reduced operating costs

We hope you have learned how does cold storage work after going through this guide.

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