How many cold storages are there in Maharashtra?

How many cold storages are there in Maharashtra?

How cold storage works is key to its use since this is one of the pieces of refrigerated machinery that has a place in different types of industries and businesses where it is necessary to preserve food in excellent condition. In this guide, we will learn how cold storage work and we will also learn how many cold storages are there in Maharashtra?

In this article, we want to explain the operation of one of these compartments so that you can clarify all your doubts when using these refrigeration systems.

How does cold storage work?

Cold storages are large refrigerators in which foods such as fish, meat, or vegetables are stored. These allow for to preservation of the properties of food such as taste, smell, texture, color, and temperature, so they are essential in hospitality businesses.

In addition, this class of refrigeration systems is also used in other areas such as scientific research laboratories, flower conservation, or the pharmaceutical industry.

In relation to how cold storage works, this is equipment that does not cool, but rather carries out a cycle that allows food to be kept in optimal conditions, using the calories it contains. This is repeated constantly until it can reach a suitable temperature to preserve food.

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The process of cold storage:

The process of how a refrigeration chamber works occurs as follows:

The refrigerant is absorbed and compressed in the compressor to then pass to the condenser and once it is in the condenser, the heat of condensation is transmitted to an external liquid and this component becomes liquid.

The refrigerant enters the expansion valve in a saturated liquid state. Thus, at the moment the mixture of vapor and liquid enters the evaporator.

Then in the evaporator, the mixture has consistent temperatures and pressure, while the outer fluid absorbs that color that the refrigerant has to cool again.

In addition, regarding how cold storage works, it should be noted that the cycle starts again when the temperature changes from the limit that has been established.

In short, the way cold storage works is based on the fact that the refrigeration system extracts the energy transformed into the heat generated by the products that have been introduced in this compartment.

What to take into account to ensure the proper functioning of cold storage?

Regarding how cold storage works, it is vital that it has pressure, humidity, and temperature controls.

Sufficient space must be left between the elements, since, when the food is very close to each other, the air that circulates between them will not be able to work properly.

Similarly, it is essential that this compartment is conditioned in such a way that the floors can be prevented from freezing.

The door is another of the elements that can generate a good functioning of cold storage, it is recommended that it has a hermetic seal, as well as being resistant and isothermal, that is, that it can maintain a constant temperature.

An anti-vapor barrier will help prevent the generation of water condensation that causes deterioration of the insulation, as well as the loss of thermal conductivity.

On the other hand, regarding the fact of how cold storage works, it must have an insulating floor that has concrete or panel, since in this way thermal insulation can be carried out.

It is most recommended that the components have this insulation when the temperature is above 0°, as well as when this compartment is located on a floor with construction at the bottom.

It is also advisable to carry out cleaning and disinfection processes in cold storage in an exhaustive and periodic manner, as well as avoid the mixing of different types of products such as fish, vegetables, meat, fruits, and dairy products, among others.

How many cold storages are there in Maharashtra?

Are you wondering how many cold storages are there in Maharashtra? well there are 619 units and a total of 1,009.69 metric tons of cold storage capacity.

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