How much does a cold storage cost?

How many cold storages are there in Odisha

Today, the cold storage business is booming and so everyone is eager to know how much does a cold storage cost? Let’s find out in this post, how much does it cost to build cold storage?

Basically, this implies achieving the best possible cleanliness and order conditions while respecting the storage conditions of each product. These guidelines are always on the label of the same because the care of food safety and its consumption depends on this by avoiding possible contamination (for example, by dirt or pests).

It is important to remember that a central recommendation is to store cleaning products in a separate space from food products.

Sorting of stored food:

There are two groups of foods: non-perishable and perishable. The former are kept for a long time at room temperature; their conservation is longer, unlike the other group, as long as they are kept in storage conditions according to the recommendations indicated on the label.

Within the latter are, on the one hand, those that must be kept refrigerated at low temperatures (dairy products, vegetables, meat, fish, and fresh pasta); and on the other hand, those that must be kept frozen due to their own condition and that will be kept for several months (ice cream, hamburgers, frozen products).

Why is cold recommended for preserving fresh food? Because fresh food is not sterile and it is also very easy to contaminate it during purchase or storage in the kitchen. The cold prevents bacteria from multiplying rapidly and the food does not maintain a good state for consumption.

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Food storage and preservation:

Perishable food:

For good conservation of this type of food, the use of the refrigerator or freezer is required, in the first case, the food is kept fresh for immediate consumption while in the second it is frozen and preserved for future consumption.

Some foods must be stored at very low temperatures since they are frozen from the moment they are prepared until the moment they are to be consumed.

Pay attention to the expiration date and place the next to expire ahead of the others.

Nonperishable food:

The basic recommendation is to store non-perishable food in a cool, dry, lighted, ventilated place without sunlight.

The cool and dry environment prevents the development of microorganisms and insect infections, so it is recommended to keep food between 15ºC and 18ºC. This is important because the development of bacteria and insects can affect the state of food.

It is recommended to keep the food in its original packages whenever possible, if the packaging is not practical, the food should be kept in airtight containers to prevent the entry of insects.

Likewise, they should never be exposed to sunlight as it promotes oxidation, which produces a loss in the nutritional value and quality of the product.

Lastly, a clean environment does not allow contamination or infection and good ventilation keeps the temperature low, reduces humidity, and eliminates odors.

Now, let’s find out how much does a cold storage cost?

How much does a cold storage cost?

Are you wondering how much does it cost to build cold storage? Well, it will cost you approx. 5 to 5.5 crores ( GP Cold Storage cost) including the cost of the land. This is the rough cost of the 5000 MT cold storage unit and back-ended subsidy @ 40% of the total project cost for general and on the other hand, 55% for scheduled and hilly areas for max storage capacity up to 5,000 per ton under the government.

We hope, now it’s clear to you how much does a cold storage cost.

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