How Much Does It Cost For 1000 Mt Of Potatoes Cold Storage In Nepal?

How Much Does It Cost For 1000 Mt Of Potatoes Cold Storage In Nepal

To develop a cold storage facility, you must first comprehend the Cold Storage Costs in Nepal before creating a financial budget. There are multiple factors to consider while determining the cost of 1000 mt of potato cold storage in Nepal. So, How much does it cost for 1000 mt of potato cold storage in Nepal? We are going to explain it in this article. Keep reading to learn everything about starting a 1000 mt of potato cold storage in Nepal.

Cold Storage For Potato

Although cold storage for potato technology specifics differs, the fundamentals are always the same. Using mechanical freezing or atmospheric cooling would entail producing a cooling effect. Potatoes can be kept at 4°C by ambient chilling for up to eight months, or by ambient cooling with less efficient insulation, like hay bales. Potatoes can remain fresh for one to three months after picking because ambient cooling is less costly.

These frigid temperatures harden the skin and delay aging. Farmers may be able to keep their products as a result and gain a higher advantage. In order to supply to manufacturers or predict the market, this enables smallholder farming organizations to mix their products on a larger scale.

Creating the Budget For the Cold Storage Solutions in Nepal

Potato Cold Storage Project Costs will be discussed in this section as we will analyze the financial budget for the cold storage solutions. A budget is a calculating plan, typically financial but not always, for a specific time frame, typically one year or one month. You can create a budget and continue once you are knowledgeable of the Cold Storage prices in Nepal.

Before finalizing a financial budget, you should consider different factors such as total cost, variable cost, and other types of expenses related to running a cold storage system. So, let us consider these factors and come up with the cost for 1000 mt of potato cold storage in Nepal:

a. The Weather of Nepal – Choosing the Cold Storage Solution Type
Nepal experiences the following five seasons: summer, monsoon, autumn, spring, and winter. Because Nepal lacks plain terrain, agriculture in this area is therefore exceedingly difficult, and only a little amount of fruits and vegetables are grown here each year. Nepal is located in the Himalayas and is part of the South Asian nation. There are several climates in Nepal, however, most of them are cool. If you visit the northern part of Nepal, you’ll discover that the summers are mild and the winters are harsh, but if you travel to another region, you’ll find that the summers are warm and the wintertime is cold!

If you consider the climate of the cold storage solution in Nepal, it is not going to cost more to you. In a cold environment, it would be easy to determine and manage the weather of Nepal.

b. The Product Quality, and the Service Quality
Based on the kind, quantity, and length of time that a product needs to be held, many types of cold storage facilities are employed. Since the product quality must stay top-notch and consistent with the company’s brand, a great cold storage supplier can significantly impact a business’s performance. Additionally, it is essential for sustaining customer satisfaction by ensuring that both storage and distribution costs are appropriately controlled.

c. The Subsidies Provided By the Nepalese Government
The major purpose of cold storage facilities in Nepal is to preserve the ideal freezing conditions for the preservation of harvested agricultural products. They primarily act as places to store food, including fruits, vegetables, and spices. On rare occasions, cold storage is also used for meat and poultry items. 10% of them also produced ice blocks as an additional good. There are 35 cold storage facilities functioning in Nepal, according to the Organization of Cold Storage of Nepal, 23 of which are members. 3,000 metric tonnes of products can normally be stored in Nepal’s cold warehouses. On average, 1,506 metric tonnes are held in storage annually.

According to its statistics, the Ministry of Food Industries provides up to 50% of the financial support of the deposit amount. The government will also assist with setting up the tools and other resources. Nepal provides around 75% of the capital and resources required to launch a cold storage company.

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Where Can I Find Cold Storage Plants In India

How Much Does It Cost For 1000 Mt Of Potatoes Cold Storage In Nepal?

So, How much does it cost for 1000 mt of potato cold storage in Nepal? Depending on the above factors, we can come to the conclusion that the cost of the cold storage development would cost more initially. It will cost approximately 2,75,000 INR to start a 1000 mt cold storage facility. It may shock you initially. But the cold storage unit cost is always expensive in the beginning.

Bottom Line Speak With A Knowledgeable Consultant.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, it is preferable to speak with knowledgeable advisors who have expertise in cold storage warehouses. A crucial factor is a location! NSSPL is an experienced staff company wherein only engineers and experts undertake these projects. They will be your greatest choice if you’re looking for the ideal place for cold storage. According to my experience, Nepal is a hilly region, making it difficult to install cold storage there.

Thus, choosing the venue, choosing the appropriate government department to engage with, and putting together appropriate paperwork are all challenges for this position. Select the top consultant, then move forward. Search online for the greatest price or work with an experienced consultant such as NSSPL.

So, contact NSSPL for more information.       

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