How much does it cost to open a cold storage?

How much does it cost to open a cold storage

Choosing cold storage is more than a formality for certain sectors of activity, subject to a series of standards and regulations. The cooling devices play an important role in smooth operations. When selecting the manufacturer/supplier, prudence and methods are required: Which criteria are decisive? The following questions can help you decide:

  • Is the range large enough to give you a choice of different solutions?
  • What are the delivery times? Depending on the size and experience of the company, these can vary greatly.
  • And finally, and very important: What about the guarantee? This is particularly important for businesses where most processes depend on the functionality of cold storage. A guarantee of at least two years is recommended; also make sure that in the event of damage it is repaired quickly.

Take the time to obtain multiple estimates so you can compare offers, solutions, and prices. Let’s find out more about cold storage unit and we will also learn briefly how much does it cost to open a cold storage.

Commercial and industrial cooling systems:

A lot of things that play an important role in our everyday life have to be cooled.

Refrigeration system from a professional:

We plan and build your refrigeration system tailored to your individual needs. We assess the situation at your site regarding the building and the surrounding area.

Our goal is to build you an ecological system, also about the investment and maintenance costs. The range of different types of systems is enormous and we look forward to supporting you in the realization of your cooling project.

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Commercial refrigeration:

The focus here is on cooling food in cooling cells, cooling substructures, or refrigerators to protect it from spoilage. For every food, there is an individual and ideal storage temperature in the plus range. In the deep-freeze area, the temperatures for all foods are similar at least -18°C. In practice, however, cooling is usually between -20°C and -22°C. This temperature guarantees maximum storage time without the product losing quality.

Cooling production hall:

Industrialized manufacturing processes have to run faster and faster, and the machines are becoming more and more powerful. So, it is no longer reasonable to dissipate the entire waste heat in the production halls. Today it is practically unavoidable to dissipate the waste heat via a cooling water network. Such cooling systems must be designed according to other standards. If the cooling system fails, the entire production can quickly come to a standstill.

How does a refrigeration system work?

Cold doesn’t exist, it’s a subjective sensation because warmth is absent. In the cooling process, heat is extracted from the goods to be cooled, which cools them. How exactly does this work?

For a cooling system to work, you need at least 4 components:

  1. compressor (compressor)
  2. Condenser (condenser)
  3. Throttle organ
  4. Evaporator

So that the thermal energy can be transported, you also need an operating medium, the refrigerant. Depending on the design and location, other control and safety components can also be used.

How much does it cost to open a cold storage?

The refrigeration cycle is briefly and simply explained:

The gaseous refrigerant is drawn from the evaporator into the compressor or chiller. In the compressor, the gas has been compressed and heated and is at high pressure.

The compressed refrigerant enters the liquefier (condenser), where it is cooled again at the same pressure (the heat is given off to the environment). Due to the lower temperature, the refrigerant becomes liquid again and reaches the throttle element. Here the pressure is greatly reduced. During this process, the refrigerant begins to boil and finally evaporates.

The heat required for this is drawn from the environment by the refrigerant. This environment (e.g. a cold room) cools down. As long as the compressor or the cooling unit is running, this process is repeated continuously. It is important that the cooling system is tight and that no refrigerant can escape from the cooling system.

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Now, let’s find out how much does it cost to open a cold storage?

The approx. project cost for setting up of 5000 MT cold storage unit will be in the range of 3.5 to 4 Cr which is including the cost of the land.

How much does it cost to open cold storage?

Are you looking for first-class equipped and designed cold rooms? Welcome to the professional for refrigeration technology! We offer you refrigeration units that are perfectly tailored to your needs and can be used for refrigerated cells, refrigerated warehouses, and refrigerated containers – we can equip every refrigerated room with professional and convincing solutions.

Do you need aggregates for your cold room to quickly bring your food, flowers, drinks, game or fish, and pharmaceutical products to the required temperature? We offer you perfectly tailored cooling solutions for every requirement and design your cold rooms professionally and with a high level of competence.

Yogesh Dahiya – A comprehensive service:

You can be sure: With us, you cool at an optimal level. Our experts will advise you competently for every application. Take advantage of our competent planning, the professional assembly, and the reliable repair of your refrigeration technology. We advise you reliably on all types of cold rooms.

Use our comprehensive know-how on:

  • cold rooms
  • freezer cells
  • refrigerated counters
  • cold rooms
  • freezer rooms
  • commercial refrigerators and other refrigeration systems of all kinds

The professionals at Yogesh Dahiya, we offer you precise solutions for cold rooms across all sectors. With us, you can plan your pantry individually and according to your needs. Of course, we take the planning step by step. From the data of your cooling requirements, your usable area, and the required cooling volume, we design the optimal devices and possible solutions. With us, you are always on the safe side and receive the solution that is optimally tailored to your needs.

At Yogesh Dahiya, we are the competent partner for equipment of professional cold rooms in and around your city – Get in touch with us and use our expertise. We will guide you on how much does it cost to open a cold storage.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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