How Much Investment Is Needed For A Small-Medium Cold Storage Unit And What Is The Revenue Model?

How Much Investment Is Needed For A Small-Medium Cold Storage Unit And What Is The Revenue Model

A unique type of chamber called a “cold storage” is one where the temperature is kept extremely low with the use of machinery and fine equipment. Due to its unique geographic location and diverse soil types, India produces a vast range of fruits and vegetables, including apples, grapes, oranges, potatoes, chilies, ginger, etc. How Much Investment Is Needed For A Small-Medium Cold Storage Unit And What Is The Revenue Model? Be with us to learn everything about the products.

The Demand for the Cold Storage Units in India

Before discussing How Much Investment Is Needed For A Small-Medium Cold Storage Unit And What Is The Revenue Model? Let us see the demand for cold storage. It determines both the budgets and returns.

The farmers are given the chance to grow cash crops and receive lucrative rates.
Consumers receive a source of perishable goods with less price volatility. Commercially, cold storage facilities are used to store vast quantities of apples, potatoes, and oranges. To control the marketing channels of these goods, cold storage facilities are used to keep other vital and expensive raw materials including dried fruits, chemicals, essences, and foods like pureed fruit concentrated milk products, frozen foods, seafood, and egg.

Due to the size of the coastal areas, marine items are also produced in great quantities. Given the population and demand growth rates, the current level of production for fruits and vegetables is over 100 million MT, and this level of production is rising yearly. The most important part of the infrastructure for such perishable goods is the cold storage facilities.

The cold storage sector offers additional features and advantages to both producers and consumers, in addition to its function in regulating market pricing and distributing goods fairly based on demand and time.

Due to these factors, the demand of cold storage units has been only increasing in India.

How Much Investment Requires For Cold Storage In India?

When starting a cold storage firm, a sizable chunk of money is initially needed. Once you’ve made an investment, you can profit more. You need to think about a lot of things when you want to launch this firm. It is necessary to evaluate this business concept and do a comprehensive market study. Before establishing this business, you need to follow the advice of an expert who can show you where to place your money and how to invest it.

Depending on the scale, you can spend the necessary sum of money on this company. Additionally, the government is offering this company a loan facility, subsidy facilities, and tax relief.

After determining all the needs for this setup, you must take into account the following points while preparing to build your cold storage in India.

  • You must make financial arrangements in order to purchase a cooling device.
  • The main expense for cold storage is the purchase of land and further preparation of it.
  • It’s crucial to get a cold storage license from numerous regulatory agencies. Here, too, you have to fork up a lot of cash.
  • Obtaining electricity, water, and other necessities costs money.

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Cold Storage Investment Cost In India

After all these careful considerations, we reach the conclusion that investments for a small-medium cold storage unit range in crores. The sum needed for this capital-intensive project would start at 4 crores and can reach 35 crores. Businesses that provide cold storage are crucial and essential for maintaining food products, which have a short shelf life. The temperature inside the cold storage is kept quite low, which aids in preventing any contamination that might be brought on by the environment’s bacteria. In spite of being incredibly lucrative, managing cold storage involves a lot of responsibility.

Government Subsidy and Bank Loan Information

The Indian government is helping entrepreneurs develop cold storage businesses by providing numerous subsidies. Additionally, you can arrange finances and invest in the cold storage industry. The Indian government is encouraging business owners to launch this operation and help lower food waste by doing so.

The most recent and cutting-edge technology is available to operate this firm and make it a profitable endeavor. Fruits and vegetables have a greater shelf life since they can stay fresh for a longer time. If all the requirements are met, obtaining a bank loan to manage the cash flow for cold storage is simple.

Given the enormous food losses experienced by the nation, it is important to remember that poor food safety practices are to blame. The use of cold storage throughout the manufacturing facilities may ensure this. As a result, although the cold storage solution will pay off in the long run, it will need a substantial initial investment.

Government subsidies for cold storage are available to anyone who wants to launch a cold storage company.

In addition to this, the government offers grants to entrepreneurs as well as financial assistance to the populace. The government contributes 35 to 50% of the entire cost of the equipment and machinery installations. Federal loans of up to 80% can be used to set up cold storage, and if the property is leased, you could also be eligible for an additional 10% in loan assistance for a total of 90% loan assistance.

Which Company Makes Cold Storage
What is the Revenue Model?

A typical cold-storage business can make between $350,000 and $800,000 annually. Do your research to discover a self-storage investment in a high-demand region to increase your chances of maximizing your profits. You may also set competitive prices. Think about providing extra services that your clients could find interesting. You might, for instance, sell boxes, packaging tape, and other goods.


The investment for small-medium cold storage units ranges between 5 crores to 35 crores.

How much money can storage facilities make each year? Your return will rely on a number of variables, including the facility’s size and location, whether you borrowed money to buy the land, and how you plan to utilize the facility to make money.

So, you can definitely start up a cold storage unit in Yamunanagar, Pallavaram, and Dindigul.

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