How Much Land Is Required For A Small Cold Storage?

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Small cold storage facilities are increasing at a fast rate in India. The farmers and the businessman are using the business opportunity to increase the generation of revenue twofold. Not only it minimizes the perishability of the goods but maintains their quality over time. Considering the demand for cold storage in India, it would be lucrative to open cold storage facilities. So, how much land is required for small cold storage? In this article, we are going to discuss all of these things in great detail.

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How How Much Land is Required for a Small Cold Storage?

There is not a single-line answer ready for this question. We are going to consider different scenarios before suggesting the land required for small cold storage. Here are some of the considerations:

  1. Buying the Cold-Storage Facility Near the Market Hub. Keep cold storage facilities adjacent to market hubs or agricultural production sites. Depending on your state-level laws, you should choose an area that is easily accessible by outsiders.
  1. Rental or Self Small Cold Storage. The decision also largely depends on the ownership of the small cold storage facility. There has to be either rental or owned small cold storage. In the case of the rental cold storage facility, you should pick an urban site. However, it depends on your purchasing power in the case of owned cold storage. So, you can choose any site.
  1. Consideration of the Acres. The area of the land should be considered keeping in mind the different types of rooms to be constructed. The area would accommodate different buildings. The space is separated into parking, processing, storage, and machine rooms, among other things.
  1. Incorporation of the Technology. It would be better if you provide a technologically innovative small cold storage place. A little more space would be required if technological advancements, such as a CA (Controlled Atmosphere) Cold Room, were planned. So, consider the land of the small cold storage accordingly.
  1. Two Types of the Cold Storage. There are two different types of cold storage facilities: one is for single products, and the other is for several products. When you establish a multi-product cold storage in India, you will get excellent returns on your investment.
  1. Can Be Selected Both Developing and Developed. The demand of the cold storage facilities are raising in both part countries – developed and developing. In both growing and established areas of the nation, you can establish a cold storage business.
  1. How Much Capacity? For a multi-commodity or multi-storage facility with a capacity of 5000 metric tons, one acre of land is needed.
  1. Minimum Capacity Suggestion. If you want to establish small cold storage, you should go for the 1000 acres. In general, at minimum, a hectare of land is required for a clod store of 1000 MT with a 410 chamber.

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A service that specializes in cold storage can keep your produce from going bad for a long time. When contrasted to other corporate types, this one requires a significant original investment, but the rewards are also high. So, you can choose to build small cold storage facilities at a minimum of 1000 acres. Furthermore, it depends on you how much you can afford to buy more land for your cold storage facility. For the multi-storage or single-product cold storage, 1000 acres is deemed sufficient.

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