I Want To Set Up Cold Storage In Surat, Gujarat. How Do I Do That?

I Want To Set Up Cold Storage In Surat Gujarat

In India, Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Limited (NSSPL) is a very reputable, trustworthy, and effective service supplier. Gujarati businesses can benefit from the best solutions provided by NSSPL. Because companies need to retain products, raw materials, and completed items in an area with a continuously controlled temperature to maintain quality and freshness before delivering, many businesses rely on cold storage. Cold storage slows the growth of microorganisms and the spread of diseases that might be present in raw resources like food, fruits, and vegetables. It also prevents deterioration and delays the degradation process. Are you thinking about working in this field? So, you can wonder: I Want To Set Up Cold Storage In Surat, Gujarat. How Do I Do That? Keep reading to learn everything else about it.

How Many Cold Storages Are There In Gujarat?

So, How many cold storage are there in Gujarat? There are around 536 cold storage units for fruits and veggies in Gujarat, if you’re wondering how many there are before building a cold storage building. The cold storage sector has a tonne of room to expand and make money. In India, the vast majority of the 7,500 cold storage facilities can only hold potatoes. That figure was created using data compiled from many sources. A capacity of less than 1000 MT is found in over 35% of cold storage centers. Gujarat is a significant state in India and makes a significant economic contribution. Gujarat would be the greatest place for you to open a cold storage facility if you’re considering doing so in India.

How Do I Start a Cold Storage Unit in Surat, Gujarat?

You should take the following actions if you think that I Want To Set Up Cold Storage In Surat, Gujarat. How Do I Do That? Here is how you can build and install a high-quality cold storage facility in Gujarat:

  1. Setup of a Cold Storage Unit Budget

Excluding the price of the land, it is anticipated that a standard multi-tier walk-in cold storage with a 6,000-ton capacity will cost $5 crores. Normally, a cold storage unit with a storage capacity of 5000 MT would require at least one hectare of dry ground.

  1. The Project’s Overall Cost

It is estimated that the project will cost 10% to 12% more than the estimated cost of the land alone. A cold storage facility is essentially a building with air conditioning meant to maintain the freshness of produce. There is also a cold storage subsidy in Gujarat. You can avail of the subsidy.

  1. Gaining Financial Access

Establishing a cold storage business in India can be challenging if you can’t get a loan or the money you need. Every business requires a large cash investment. Financing from banks or investment opportunities from funds is also both possibilities. You can be qualified for a bank loan without collateral if you have MSME Certification. But you also need to have a comprehensive business plan that outlines the total cost of the equipment, the cost of the land, the cost of maintenance, the cost of the staff, and your planned action plan.

Gujarat must have several credit facilities. You can enlist their assistance if you want to start a cold storage facility. It will then earn money for you.

  1. Taking into account the Kind of the Cold Storage Unit

Either a single cold room system or a system with many cold storage units can be constructed. You can construct several cold storage structures. The following are a few of the most popular kinds of cold storage units available in India:

  • Potatoes kept in the cold.
  • Onions kept in the cold.
  • Red Meat in a Cold Room.
  • Fish and seafood can be kept chilled.
  • Poultry’s Cold Room
  • Area for cold storage in a bakery.
  • Milk and milk-based items are kept chilled in this room.
  • Room for Apple’s cold storage
  1. Documents for registration and licensing

One of the most important considerations when starting a cold storage business in India is acquiring the required permits and certifications for your business. When registering for a license, you must ensure that you are following the FSSAI-mandated health and safety regulations.

The following are a few samples of the legal documents and certifications required:

  • Trade license registration,
  • Trade license registration,
  • FSSAI registration,
  1. Types Of Equipment Selected

India has summers that are incredibly hot. You must carefully install the gear you select in order to avoid power failures and heavy loads. Consider factors such the machine’s size, the heat produced by the stored items, high ceilings, partitions, floors, etc. before making your choice of equipment.

  1. Upkeep and Cleaning of the Warehouse

Maintaining your cold storage facility is essential, and you should make an endeavor to keep the space as tidy as you can. You must routinely check the temperature and humidity conditions to keep your items fresh. Moreover, periodic maintenance of the equipment is necessary, as is washing the trees and storage containers.

  1. Marketing and the target market

Your cold storage business in India will be affected by your marketing strategies, television advertising, and social media posts. Starting out, you should concentrate on several market groups, including distributors, marketing, retail advertising, dealerships, warehousing companies, grocery stores, etc.

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How many cold storage are there in Gujarat


Contacting our organization NSSPL is advised for any entrepreneurs who inquire about “how do I build up a cold storage unit in Gujarat.” The protection and hygiene standards you enforce in your cold storage facility, however, should be kept in mind because they will be absolutely vital to the success of your cold warehousing business.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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