How Much Investment Is Required For Opening A Cold Storage In Odisha?

Where Can I Find Cold Storage Plants In India

A huge warehouse equipped with refrigeration is called a cold storage. Vegetables, fruits, frozen goods, processed meat, and medicines can all be stored in it. Services for cold storage are in high demand across connected industries, particularly in the food sector.

Farmers who really produce the food and the final customer are connected via cold storage. With a combined capacity of 32 million metric tonnes, there are more than 7000 cold storage facilities. The cold storage plant is located all across India, however, new cold storage facilities are required at Berhampur, Odisha.

Both developed and emerging nations greatly benefit from having cold storage facilities. How much investment is required for opening a cold storage in Odisha? The shift towards processed and ready-to-eat foods has increased the necessity for cold storage. Keep reading as we talk about opening a cold storage in Odisha.

How Much Investment Is Required For Opening A Cold Storage In Odisha?

How Much Investment Is Required For Opening A Cold Storage In Odisha? Depending on the size and location of the facility, a different amount of capital may be needed to start a cold storage business in Odisha. Based on the details in the search results, here is a broad estimate:

  1. Cold Storage on a Small Scale (30–40 Metric Tonnes)
    In locations like Rourkela, Odisha, the minimal investment for a small-scale cold storage firm is roughly 30–40 lakh rupees. Depending on the size and location of the factor, this estimate could change.
  2. Cold Storage on a Medium to Large Scale (5000 Metric Tonnes)
    The investment may be much greater for cold storage units with a capacity of 5,000 metric tonnes, but this will depend on a number of factors. According to experts, based on aspects including location and market conditions, the expected project cost to put up a 5000-ton cold storage unit can vary significantly.
  3. Fluctuations in the Market
    It’s vital to remember that projections may not match the actual investment because of changes in the market and the supply of commodities. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a thorough feasibility assessment and business plan before opening a cold storage facility.


Investment Required for Starting Up Cold Storage in Odisha

How Much Investment Is Required For Opening A Cold Storage In Odisha? The minimal investment for the cold storage business in Rourkela is between 30 and 40 lakh. Your budget will determine the cold storage space you choose. The facility offers a variety of commodities in both sorts of products as well as single product items.

The 50% energy pricing subsidy has been granted by the state of Odisha. Operators of functional cold storage facilities for horticultural and agricultural products are eligible for subsidies. The owners of cold storage facilities will receive a subsidy on their electricity bill. Farmers should have access to it. The subsidy won’t be offered if not.

Many localities, including Puri, Brahmapur, and Bhadrak, lack the necessary cold storage facilities. The cost to set up a 10,000 tonne multi-commodity cold storage facility is approximately Rs. 20 crores, with a 6-7 year payback period needed. Depending on the project’s kind and location, the expenditure for compact cold storage might range from 50 lakhs to crores. The investment requirement is higher if it is close to consumer hubs or farms.

Please bear in mind that these are only general estimates, and the precise amount of money needed may change depending on individual factors like the size, location, and technology of the cold storage facility. In order to ascertain the specific amount of investment required for your cold storage venture, it is advisable to contact specialists and carry out a thorough feasibility study.

Ways to Collect Funds for Opening a Cold Storage in Odisha

In Odisha, opening a cold storage facility requires a large investment. You can consult the NSSPL professional guidance to get the finest and most appropriate answer.

  • However, the food processing industry ministry has approved financing for the machinery and around 50% of the overall cost. If you are qualified to apply for a company loan, it will be accessible.
  • The form B must be downloaded and filled out in its entirety from the FSSAI website. Fill it out and then submit it online.
  • Make sure your mobile number and other personal information are current and accurate.
  • When you submit, you receive a reference ID. You must carefully record it.
  • You can submit the license to the FSSAI Regional office or to the State Authority where you want to set up the cold storage. After submitting your online application, you have 15 days to submit this document.
  • Give the required paperwork, including the online application form, an acknowledgment copy, payment of fees via DD or online, a copy of the license, and other paperwork.

How to Start Up a Cold Storage Unit in Odisha?

How many cold storage are there in Odisha? Odisha has fewer cold storage units than its required potential. In India, a cold storage facility has to invest roughly 7000 Rs. per tonne. In Baripada, Odisha, the recommended capacity for any cold storage unit is roughly 5000 tonnes. It permits staying financially possible and costs Rs. 3.5 crores, excluding land costs. How do you make vegetable cold storage? To build a 5000-tonne cold storage facility, one acre of land is required.

In order to develop cold storage, you must plan to use 30% of the available space and achieve break-even. The other space, though, is for rent. Check the subsidies provided as government funding by contacting the local government department.

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