Is the construction of a cold store a challenge?

cost to build cold storage warehouse

The construction of cold storage or frozen warehouse is a complex project, where each step must be carefully considered. And so, the cost to build cold storage warehouse varies. Before embarking on such a construction project, we must take the time to evaluate the various options available to us with specialists and qualified people.

Two distinct types:

Cold storage is divided into two broad categories. There are cold stores designed to keep products at temperatures above freezing point (or refrigerated type). Then, cold stores are designed to keep products at temperatures below freezing (or frozen type). In general, the colder the temperature ranges, the more specialized the building and equipment will be. And so, the cost to build cold storage warehouse varies.

Cold Storage:

In its simplest form, we find in the refrigerated warehouse family, air-conditioned warehouses that are designed to stay below a maximum temperature during the heat of summer. Usually, a regular warehouse can be used as an air-conditioned warehouse, although better insulation often results in higher performance. Due to the large areas that need to be cooled, techniques such as supplemental cooling, economizers or roof fog may be desirable to reduce the building’s energy consumption. That’s why it’s important to talk to specialists such as Are you planning for rental cold storage? If yes, then call to know about the cold storage warehouse rental. We can find the best for you.

Frozen Warehouse:

Storage at sub-zero temperatures is, not surprisingly, more complex. There are several sub-categories:

– The rapid freezer (Blast freezing or Flash freezing). It is often used in a smaller space inside a large freezer. This is the option usually chosen to quickly lower the temperature of products before storing them in a long-term freezer.

– The long-lasting freezer. It is used for warehouses with very little movement of products, such as blueberries, cranberries, etc.

– The distribution center freezer. It is often used in warehouses housing multiple product lines, requiring multiple entries and exit movements. This option requires more refrigeration capacity, mainly at the receiving and shipping docks.

Construction Requirements:

The construction of a refrigerated warehouse affects the floors, roof, walls, the separation between the freezer and the cooler, and the loading docks. Even the floor (or slab) of a freezer has a very unusual construction since it is heated under the floor. This prevents the cold from the freezer from penetrating the ground and forming permafrost under the floor.

Then, for the design of the refrigeration system, it will be necessary to take into account several other factors: the type of products, the desired temperature, the height of the building, the arrangement of the storage systems, etc. All this data will help us choose the quantity and type of evaporators to favor (suspended from the ceiling, in a penthouse, false ceiling, on the floor, high velocity, etc.).

Green Solutions:

Whatever the needs, the majority of customers today turn to a green and sustainable system that can be chosen according to the preferences, values ​​, and budget of the company. The three main refrigeration solutions are an ammonia system (NH3), a CO2 system, or a combined system – ammonia (NH3) and CO2 – in cascades.

Before embarking on such a construction project, it is important to carefully consider all the options available to you and determine which ones best suit your business and product needs. At, one of our strengths is precisely supporting our clients in their thought processes. Call to know about the cost to build cold storage warehouse.

3 basic rules for your cold storage:

Storage of products stored at low temperatures poses additional challenges. Cold stores allow you to keep your food safe, but they also place a greater load on both equipment and people. Fortunately, you can adapt your internal logistics to applications in cold stores by following 3 rules that help you lower your costs by reducing the risk of incorrect use.

Need more advice or you want to know the cost to build cold storage warehouse, get in touch with us at

Cold storage places a significant burden on equipment and individuals. Here are 3 basic rules for maximum productivity and minimum cost of your internal transport:

  1. Equip your trolleys for cold room work:

The main challenge for cold stores is the temperature, which can drop to -25 ° C. Combined with the constant changes in temperature when traveling back and forth, this puts a strain on your forklifts and warehouses. The cold attacks especially the battery and the electronic components can fail prematurely if they are not adjusted accordingly.

Today, trolleys are available in a version suitable for cold storage. They are designed for temperatures down to -30 ° C, can easily be fitted with more powerful batteries and provide additional protection to the electronic components and the truck as a whole, for example through the use of stainless steel and special oil for cold rooms. When choosing Linde forklifts for cold storage applications, rest assured that your equipment remains fully operational at low temperatures.

We also recommend that you use lithium-ion batteries when working in cold rooms. Not only can they be recharged frequently and anywhere (since they do not release any gas or vapor), they are also ideal for use in cold stores as they can be used down to -30 ° C.

  1. Think about the drivers:

Low temperatures not only affect your equipment but also the human body. To offer your employees the comfort they need, is the partner you need. Call us to know about the cost to build cold storage warehouse.

Ergonomic forklifts are easy to use and user-friendly, and by equipping your reach trucks and forklifts with a closed cab – and if desired, heated – you avoid the cold, minimize condensation problems. and guarantee your drivers a welcoming workplace.

  1. Prepare for peak periods:

The food industry is regularly subject to peaks of activity, e.g. during the harvest of fruits and vegetables. To be able to get all the products on time during these periods, you can count on the Our vast network of partners spread across India, allows you to adapt your logistics fleet to your current needs, including cold storage. Call to know about the cold storage warehouse rental.

What does the cold storage warehouse construction cost?

If you want to know about the cold storage warehouse construction cost, well we must say that the cost of the project to set up of 5000 MT Cold Storage will be in the range of 3.5 crores to 4 crores including cost of the land.

For more details on cold storage warehouse rental, visit our website or get in touch with us. Our representative will provide the complete calculation for the cost to build cold storage warehouse.

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