Is there demand for cold storage in Hyderabad?

How many cold storages are required in India

The temperature controls are essential for storage requirements for different products. You must know ‘Is there a demand for cold storage in Hyderabad?’

What is the importance of temperature control?

The need for temperature control is that it helps in accommodating the products suitably. It includes vegetables, fruits, cut flowers, and pharmaceuticals. Biodegradable and reusable packs are safe alternatives for refrigerated shipping than dry ice.

Custom shipping boxes are good for lithium-ion batteries. It requires transporting and storing in a climate-controlled environment. Labels notify warehouse and shipping personnel to refrigerate items that are temperature-sensitive on arrival. Thus preserving products help.

Cold storage for warehousing or transportation is in use for over a century. It helps preserve temperature-controlled goods. Storage is as per the inventory of pharmaceuticals or food. The cold storage is an entire facility or maybe a warehouse single cold room.

Hyderabad is a strategic location to keep packaged or processed food in cold storage. 

Is there a demand for cold storage in Hyderabad?

The demand for cold storage is many and so determining whether is there a demand for cold storage in Hyderabad is important. The cold storages are a must to store fruits and vegetables, fish, and meat products. India has oceans and rivers, and fish catching in Hyderabad is substantial next to West Bengal.

Fish nearly 20% of goes waste due to less cold storage. The same is with vegetables and fruits. The facilities of transport vehicles and freezer vans are also in acute shortage. The lack of power supply 24 hours is a bottleneck. 

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What is the benefit of having cold storage in Hyderabad?

Storing perishable goods requires a controlled temperature to remain cold and fresh. However, to know ‘is there a demand for cold storage in Hyderabad’ requires a proper understanding of its benefits.

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Prolongs shelf-life

You need to store seasonal vegetables and fruits. These products take months to grow, and the bottom line is to prolong shelf-life. It presents a combination of refrigerated storage and atmospheric controls, thereby prevents from spoiling.

  • Plants and flowers can be freshly cut, and the cold storage determines the deterioration. The temperatures reduce the rate of respiration. 
  • Cosmetics such as skin care products and lipstick may be properly stored and controlled to avoid becoming melting or inert.
  • Chemical storage in cold storage is essential for volatile chemicals. It increases the perishable product’s shelf-life. Therefore, it evaporates or deteriorates at higher temperatures.

 Customizable temperature controls facilitate cold rooms featuring separate chambers. It allows for setting temperatures and allows storing different types of food and medications.

Health and Safety

Reliable refrigeration decreases the risks associated with food poisoning. Thus it slows the harmful microorganism’s growth causing food borne illnesses. Perishable goods are prone to spoilage when exposed to fluctuating or high temperatures. 

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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