lemon cold storage

lemon cold storage

Lemon cold storage is an environment with controlled settings where parameters such as temperatures and pressure are maintained at certain levels which will help keep the lemons ripe and store them for long-term efficiency.

Lemon cold storage is commonly used practice by farmers who produce lemon in high quantities.

Lemon trees produce fruit once to thrice a year depending upon the variety of the lemon tree. Eureka variety produces lemons twice or thrice a year whereas the Lisbon variety of trees produces lemons only once a year. Lemons ripen between 100 to 360 days after flowering. To keep the availability of lemons throughout the year storage of lemons is an important task for farmers growing lemons.

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What happens to lemons if they are not stored properly?

Lemons are right in yellow color when they are fresh. They have a tarted taste. And they are firm when touched. When left at room temperature lemons last for about a week. The lemon’s color changes from bright yellow to brown and they become squishy indicating that the lemons have gone stale. This is often visible in households. But it poses a huge problem for farmers harvesting lemons in very high volumes.

To store the lemons for over a month the lemons needed to be picked when they are green.

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Why lemon cold storages are used?

To avoid this occurrence farmer uses lemon cold storage. it maintains an optimum temperature and pressure for the lemons to remain fresh for a long period. Is most commonly practiced by farmers as they do not want to end up in losses.

When the lemons are not provided with favorable temperature after they are picked from the trees the lemons become dull and you will not be able to use them. There are numerous disease-causing germs present in lemons that will spread if not stored properly. This will make the farmer face huge losses.

When the lemons are left out in the open they get stale and the lemons which are in contact with each other also get stale resulting in wastage of the whole produce. Farmers will not be able to present high-quality lemons to the customers if there not stored in the required environment. This will lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Sometimes the lemons will completely fine from the outside but they are being destroyed from the inside. This will lead to the selling of lemons thinking that they are fresh.

What are the advantages of using lemon cold storage?

Lemon cold storages provide specific temperatures the lemons are kept fresh until they are sold.

The temperature in lemon cold storage can be controlled by you. As you know that the optimum temperature at which the lemons remain fresh changes depending upon the temperature in the atmosphere outside so the temperature inside the lemon cold storage needs to be changed frequently with the change in the atmosphere.

There is a huge variety of lemon cold storage. You can select a storage unit that will help in the destruction of all kinds of germs and diseases.

There are different lemon cold storages available in different sizes and you could choose the size which is more suitable for the volume of lemons you have produced.

There are also some additional features that you can select in a lemon cold storage for the effective storage of the lemons you have produced. It is easy to install lemon cold storage. The construction of a lemon cold storage can be easily done near your house or the place of harvest.

There is different lemon cold storage is available for different prices. You can choose a lemon cold storage according to your budget and the volume.

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Factors affecting the storage of lemons:

Two main factors affect the storage of lemons. The first major factor is temperature. As stated above an optimum temperature is required to store the lemons and any deviation from the optimum temperature dates to the destruction of lemons. The second factor is brightness. The more ripe the lemon is during the picking the less storage life it has. Relative humidity and handling also play a major role in the storage of lemons after being picked.

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Conditions at which lemons must be stored in a lemon cold storage:

If the temperature is lower than zero degrees Celsius the lemons freeze leading to a loss of their characteristics. temperature is too high it may lead to degradation and loss in the quality of the lemons. Therefore, it is highly necessary to maintain the temperature in lemon cold storage at a specified range. The required temperature range at which the lemons remain fresh is between 10 degrees Celsius and 13 degrees celsius.

Relative humidity present in the cold storage unit is very low it may lead to moisture loss in the lemons which in turn leads to shrinking and drying out of the lemons. High relative humidity may give rise to problems such as mold. A perfect range of relative humidity must be kept to keep the lemons fresh. When the relative humidity level is about 90% to 95% the lemons are fresh.

It must be made sure that there is no damage to the lemons. This is ensured by handling the lemons carefully and not over-packing them. Degradation can also occur from skin cuts or scratches on the lemons. Any decayed lemon must be immediately removed from the storage to prevent the spreading of the decay to other relatively fresh lemons.

Respiratory gases such as ethylene and carbon dioxide increase the speed of ripening hence their levels must be kept low. Removal of ethylene will also lead to a decrease in fungal decay.

The cooling of lemons should be done within hours after picking the lemons from the trees as this prevents degradation to a large extent. Oxygen levels also play an important role in lemon storage. The level of oxygen must not be less than 5% as it may lead to off-flavors.

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