Small cold storage business

Small cold storage business

For any modern professional kitchen, the operation of a small cold storage business offers you very important advantages for the preservation of your products. It is one of the essential hospitality machines that you must acquire when equipping your business. But what is it? How does it work?

So, that you have a clear idea of how a small cold storage works and the services it will provide to your kitchen, in this article we will talk about this equipment, its characteristics and the advantages you will have when you have a good small cold storage business. But first things first!

What is small cold storage?

It is a machine that will allow you to reduce the temperature of food in a very short time. You will not have to wait to freeze your products or leave them at safe temperatures to transport them. In a maximum of two hours, you will have a freshly prepared dish ready to store.

But, there is more to know about what the small cold storage is for. Contamination due to the proliferation of bacteria in food is one of the main risks to avoid in any hospitality business. Heat is a primary factor in the generation and proliferation of bacteria.

Therefore, any type of food that is required to be preserved must be brought to a safe temperature in the shortest possible time. This is the main service that small cold storage offers you, as it will help you reduce the risks of contamination, making food at the ideal temperature in a short time.

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Why have small cold storage?

You know what the small cold storage is for. Why has it? If you have freezing or refrigeration machines, you may think that these will fulfill the task of reducing the temperature of the food, but they can take a long time, and they can even suffer breakdowns if you place very hot products inside.

The operation of small cold storage is different, as it has a series of fast-running fans that reduce the temperature to minus 18 ° in a short time. This procedure does not generate crystallization inside the food and does not absorb the humidity of the product.

Sauce, meats, vegetables, and exclusive recipes for your business can be stored in ideal conditions so that at the time of use they are as freshly prepared.

Is a refrigerator or freezer small cold storage?

As we informed you before, the small cold storage business is different from that of the freezer and you must use it differently. The small cold storage allows you to bring a large number of products to the freezing point in less time. Also, it reaches the center of each food without major difficulties.

In a freezer or refrigerator, the necessary temperature is not reached so quickly until several hours and even days have passed. Also, it absorbs moisture from food and leaves crystals inside. This is the reason why the operation of small cold storage is so important for different hospitality businesses that use food preservation.

With a small cold storage business, you can get to the heart of the products so that they are fully frozen.

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Operation of small cold storage:

The small cold storage business is simple and profitable. You must place the products you want to keep inside and choose if you want conservation at positive temperatures (between 0 ° and 5 °) or if you want to reduce it to negative temperatures (down to -18 °).

The chilling small cold storage allows you to bring food from 90 ° to 3 ° in times of a maximum of 90 minutes. The soft chilling cycle is the most recommended for small portions and also for those foods that are more delicate. Hard chilling is the cycle that allows the chilling of large quantities of fatty or dense products.

For you to reduce the temperature of the product to -18 °, you will need a maximum time of 270 minutes.

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Advantages of having small cold storage:

Having the operation of a small cold storage business offers you different advantages such as:

– Rapid temperature reduction procedures for storing food. With this, you will also save money.

– Storage of recipes for several days, so that you have the stock you need at the right time, keeping the qualities of each food intact.

– Safety guarantee in the food you offer, reducing contamination and proliferation of bacteria.

– Quality guarantee in the products of your business, by preserving the best aroma, flavor, and odor of food without alterations.

– Reduction in the weight loss of the products that you preserve, avoiding drying out, loss of moisture, and internal crystallization.

– It makes it possible to store your products in a faster and easier way, so you can organize your business as you wish.

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Different small cold storages:

In the market, you can find a wide variety of small cold storages so that you can choose yours according to the volume of food you want to freeze. All of them are designed to offer different blast chilling cycles. You will be able to carry out the appropriate procedure with each of the products that you are going to keep.

Most of the small cold storages that you will find on the market have internal guides for Gastronorm buckets in which you can place from 3 to 20 trays inside. These machines have capacities between 33 liters and 150 kg, depending on the size and model. Look for those built-in stainless steel and with different facilities for cleaning.

Stainless steel temperature small cold storage:

And to improve the operation of your small cold storage, factors such as automatic opening and closing, digital controls, prolonged opening alarm, among others, can influence. Therefore, pay attention to the details when purchasing your small cold storage, so that you can buy the best machine for your small cold storage business.

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