Vegetables cold storage business

vegetables Cold Storage Business

The “heart” of the industrial kitchen, the refrigerator keeps cool what is stored internally and its temperature can be controlled according to the needs of the inputs. If you want to start your profitable vegetables Cold Storage Business, this is the right time.

Industrial kitchens have a forced-air refrigeration system that creates a cool atmosphere to keep food. In the industrial kitchen, its role is quite versatile: it preserves and maintains the refrigeration of food, beverages, and other frozen products.

Within the vegetables Cold Storage Business and refrigerator models, there are two lines that you should consider in purchasing:

Stainless steel cooler:

The stainless steel refrigerator can control the temperature, being useful during the period of food preparation. Because they deal with many perishable products, industrial kitchens need to take good care and conserve food so that it does not lose quality, which could endanger the health of customers and other people who will consume the dishes.

In the vegetables Cold Storage Business, you will find several different models so you don’t have to adapt the entire design model of your industrial kitchen to install a product. The stainless steel refrigerator has the following types: slim, vertical, or horizontal models.

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White Line Refrigerator:

White line models are used in the warehouse. According to the health surveillance code, inputs must be kept between zero and five degrees, or between – 6 and – 18 degrees. It is important that food is well distributed and separated between them.

Generally, white goods refrigerators are relegated to the back of the kitchen to organize items for storage and are not as durable as stainless steel models.

And do you know which is the best of all? Don’t even worry about its maintenance. Because industrial refrigerators are very well planned with the use of stainless steel, which makes the appearance of defects difficult.

It is a fact that restaurants need to deal directly with loads and loads of food and other perishable products. And the smooth running of your industrial kitchen is inextricably linked to the culture of having a food conversation.

Even because the freezing of food makes the proliferation of microorganisms not happen. This way, you keep food much longer than compared to the refrigerator, for example.

By the way, food refrigeration runs through nutritional discussions and is even capable of passing through the vision of architects responsible for developing the kitchen design.

Remembering that other external factors can compromise the cooling of food in your industrial kitchen, so in vegetables Cold Storage Business, it is recommended that the temperature of your work environment does not exceed 26 degree C.

6 tips and care with the refrigerated counter:

The refrigerated backrest counters must be very well sealed and built sustainably and durably. In the past, insulation was made with wood and Styrofoam. Today, the best material used is injected polyurethane, which provides greater efficiency and more energy savings.

1. On the outside, the best option in vegetables Cold Storage Business is stainless steel, which is easy to clean and does not contaminate food. The engine can be on the left or right side. Normally, when he has a sink, it is over the motor, when he doesn’t have this part, it is used with a small door. Cooling can be with forced air or coil. Each usage type requires one of these two options.

2. The doors are constantly opened during use, increasing the internal temperature; keep an eye on the external thermometer and when necessary compensate for the temperature by adjusting the thermostat.

3. The number of goods stored must be compatible with the size of the counter. Excess merchandise impairs refrigeration and can spoil food.

4. The motor and condenser must be outdoors for heat exchange to take place. Warm air comes out and air at a lower temperature enters. The engine area must always be clean. Sometimes in an environment with a lot of greases, the condenser is blocked and cooling is impaired. Keep an eye out and clean as needed.

5. Air currents affect the cooling of the counters, so avoid installing them in places close to the open doors, air conditioning with the direction directly facing the counter, ceiling fan, etc. In addition, very hot outdoor environments and at an inappropriate temperature impair the functioning.

6. The defrost must be carried out periodically, at least every 15 days (if not frost-free). The block of ice on the inside is an indication that refrigeration is already being impaired.

Here at, you will find everything you need to know about the most suitable refrigerated counter for your establishment, from the best our brand. Talk to us and get a tip that those who have been in the vegetables Cold Storage Business for years.

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