What are the main schemes under National Horticulture Board NHB?

What are the main schemes under National Horticulture Board NHB

If things are done right from the beginning, it is most likely that everything will turn out as planned in the end. Industrial freezing is key to an excellent cold chain. Are you planning to set up your cold storage unit? If yes, then the good news is that the government offers several schemes such as National Horticulture Board NHB.

Let’s find out in this blog, what are the main schemes under National Horticulture Board NHB?

What are the main schemes under National Horticulture Board NHB?

National Horticulture Board NHB is the program as a sub-scheme of the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH).

With the appearance of free trade agreements, food has been forced to preserve its freshness characteristics for longer, facing long journeys on rough roads, extremely hot days, and long waits in ports before reaching the moment of final consumption. Perishable foods such as fruits, vegetables, and meats are some of the most exposed to these inclement circumstances.

Industrial freezing almost forty years ago was adopted as the solution par excellence for handling large volumes of food production for export or long storage periods. The industry started with the premise that the faster the freezing process of a product, the more likely a food will reach its final consumption as if it were freshly harvested or slaughtered.

The more time that passes between the beginning of the freezing of food and the moment of its total freezing, the more likely it will be that its cellular tissue will be destroyed by the effects of the freezing itself and by the proliferation of microorganisms, the consequence of this happening we have all witnessed when in our houses we observe a steak, which at the moment of its thawing releases blood to water, as a result of a slow freezing process.

If the freezing process is slow, the ice crystals become larger and break down the tissues.

Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, and everything that can be frozen can present the same symptom that will undoubtedly end in the loss of the initial characteristics of quality and freshness.

Industrially there are different ways to freeze products and there are many variables to take into account to determine the freezing time of each one; In the same way, the processes and care to depend on what you want to freeze since today the industry allows freezing almost anything.

Given the boom that free trade agreements have in Latin America and that thanks to these more refrigeration procedures are carried out, we decided to prepare an article on the most implemented freezing processes in the region, since the initial freezing is a fundamental part of cold chains.

Cold chains are the method of food preservation and are responsible for the fact that a person in Hamburg can enjoy melon, with the same characteristics of freshness that delight Mexicans.

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Industrial freezing methods:

Initially, we can talk about three major methods of industrial freezing, which according to their degree of implementation in the region could be presented in the following order: first, the process of freezing by air, second, freezing by contact with cold metal plates. And finally, we can mention the freezing by cryogenic fluids, which can be done with N2, and freons, among other compounds. This system is not widely adopted in Latin America due to its high costs, but in other regions, it is a technology that is growing thanks to its freezing speed and its virtues with the environment.

Freezing methods are present in various machines that offer different characteristics according to the food or production need. Generally, the production capacities of a machine are usually measured according to its freezing speed in centimeters per hour. 

However, depending on the type of product to be frozen, its characteristics, and the production volumes sought, the most appropriate freezing system and the machine will be determined.

According to the engineers at Yogeshdahiya.com, what has been used the most for the meat industry, fish, shrimp, fillets, and in itself everything that is meat, is refrigeration in contact plate freezers.

For agribusiness, as in the case of pineapple, melons, mango, vegetables, and cheese, among other delicate foods, what is usually used are the so-called freezing tunnels, which would be within the category of air freezing.

However, differentiating all the refrigeration systems can be quite an intricate path, since many of the machines can combine two or more the freezing methods; Similarly, in the market, you can find a large number of available equipment.

There are many types of freezing systems and it would take us longer to be able to get closer to all of them. Visit our website Yogeshdahiya.com for more information.

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