What are the problems and solutions in India’s cold storage?

What are the problems and solutions in India's cold storage?

Starting a cold storage facility in India is not easy. What are the problems and solutions in India’s cold storage setup? The problems are the high energy consumption cost that approximates per year to Rs. 80-90 per cubic foot. However, the lack of cold storage infrastructure is a nightmare. Delivering customers melting ice cream, melted butter, and refrozen meat is the worst. 

Transportation problem

The infrastructure of the cold chain arises in tertiary and distributes in the last mile of India. The temperature-controlled distribution is not supported in the last mile segment. It is because the conventional units work only on 1-ton vehicle capacities and the smaller capacities run without it. The available cooling solutions are active for cold chain distribution, and they need a power source from vehicles.


The active cooling solutions for the distribution need power sources continuously from a vehicle running on diesel, and it becomes very expensive. With the small packages, the transportation costs incurred become large than the conventional solutions. Thus, it is considered unviable and compels to break the cold chain or use dry ice that is potentially hazardous at the end line of this chain towards the consumer. The problem is that the product quality gets affected spoiling the experience for the customer.


The cold storage problem should be discussed with experts such as NSSPL MD, Yogesh Dahiya. He says increased awareness is the key and offers innovative solutions.

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Electricity problem

What are the problems and solutions in India’s cold storage? The electricity in India is inconsistent and less that it is hard to maintain all the time proper temperature. If cold storage machines operate on diesel or generator, there is a hike of 20 percent almost on the operating cost. The cold units do have proper co2 removal arrangements, and they use manual methods to remove Cos responsible to rot the products. They do this by opening the door allowing fresh air inside. This increases temperature directly to a higher rate, and the electricity rate becomes higher to maintain the essential temperature.


The owners of cold storage units are not ready to adapt to technological changes. They run the older technology for their plants and do not wish to spend money. The storages of multi-crop are less common in India. Humidity, temperature, and air content ensure longevity and decelerate decaying. 

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The solutions available

The new-age solutions relating to the problems of cold storage are to offer end-to-end transportation. It should deliver from source to customer the packages without any cold chain break. Installing thermal energy stored in chargers and heat exchangers and releasing it during transportation if required is helpful. There is no need for power during transport. These freeze storing energy and release as required. 

Recently, the Government is working on electric vehicles to promote sustainable technologies. It installs battery-enabled technologies and EV charge points.

The thermal battery solution offers temperature control from a 5-liter bag to a 10-ton truck. The flexibility on size increases access to trade, and the operational cost reduces. A smaller vehicle will have lower vehicle Capex and save on fuel efficiency. The thermal battery technology saves on fossil fuel and has an environmental impact.

Temperature monitoring is crucial to assure product quality maintenance. Determining the temperatures during transit as maintenance is difficult. Therefore real-time monitoring of temperature alone can ensure the products are of quality. The devices for temperature monitoring have a battery life of 6 months to two years. It means the system should include a mobile app setup. Thus you can monitor the application and keep the container maintenance.

For increased awareness, contact NSSPL. Yogesh Dahiya, the MD itself will show you various options for adoption. Solve effectively the cold chain problems with the support of NSSPL.

Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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