What are the requirements for a cold room?

What are the requirements for a cold room

Industrial cold is a sophisticated field in which the technological activity of designing, building, and maintaining refrigeration facilities is developed. In this blog, we will check what are the requirements for a cold room?

Today, industrial cold acquires great importance in our lives, lowering the temperature to increase our comfort and quality of life. Likewise, it allows us to preserve food and other materials during their storage and distribution, reducing their rate of decomposition.

To understand the cooling process, it is very important to clarify the concept of cold. Cold is nothing more than the absence of heat. That is, the cold is not generated, quite the opposite.

When we cool, what we are doing is removing heat, whether it is from the environment of a place, such as offices, or a perishable product, such as tomatoes. This makes it possible for them to lower their temperature and, therefore, increase their conservation time.

To achieve the cooling process, refrigeration systems use the changes in the state of a refrigerant or refrigerant fluid within a cyclic process. During the process, the circulation of a refrigerant is mechanically forced into a closed circuit, which is divided into two zones: the high-pressure zone and the low-pressure zone.

The purpose is none other than that in which the fluid absorbs heat from the environment in the evaporator, within the low-pressure zone, giving it in turn to the high-pressure zone, in the condenser.

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Industrial refrigeration equipment:

Thanks to our great experience in the sector, we carry out all kinds of assemblies and maintenance of the following refrigeration installations:

  • Conservation chambers
  • Cold rooms
  • Refrigerated display cabinets
  • Refrigerator bottle racks
  • Industrial air conditioning

We are experts in the realization and maintenance of industrial cold installations in Seville, we always work with the best brands and with the most advanced technologies on the market. Our services range from advice, design, assembly, and maintenance of all types of refrigeration facilities. In general, we offer the best solutions that best suit each of our clients.

We give the maximum facilities:

We provide our clients with both tailored advice and free, no-obligation budgets, being able to carry out projects according to plans or by going to the client’s premises depending on what is required in each case.

So, if you are looking for specialists in industrial refrigeration, do not hesitate to contact us. Contact Yogesh Dahiya. It will be a pleasure to assist you and explain in more detail all the possibilities we can offer you.

Classification of microorganisms according to their growth temperature:

Psychrophiles thrive in permanently cold environments and die quickly if exposed to normal ambient temperatures. These microorganisms can evade and impressively overcome the barriers to which they are subjected to prevent their development, they even adapt easily to environments, even with all the technology currently available.

Refrigeration temperatures (0 to 8°C) are widely used to help preserve processed, cooked, and raw foods. Unfortunately, this does not limit the growth of microorganisms, since they can adjust their physiology and thus manage to survive low temperatures.

  • Cold adapted microorganisms accumulate cryoprotective substances inside their cells
  • Increase the viscosity of the cytoplasm due to the accumulation of salts (bacterial freezing)
  • The cold weakens the hydrophobic bonds of proteins, activating enzymatic inactivity, which decreases their reproduction
  • There is an increase in unsaturated fatty acids to maintain the semifluid state of the membrane.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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