What Are The Rules And Regulations For Opening And Running Cold Storage In Assam?

What Are The Rules And Regulations For Opening And Running Cold Storage In Assam

Are you interested in working in the food sector but unclear about how to get started? Why not start your own cold storage business and succeed where others have failed? You are in the proper location. “What Are The Rules And Regulations For Opening And Running Cold Storage In Assam? will be explained. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know to launch a cold storage company in Assam.

The Cold Storage is the Perfect Solution for the Entrepreneurs.

For individuals looking to create a business strategy where a one-time expenditure is required, cold storage is the perfect business opportunity. Fruits and vegetables are kept at a controlled temperature as part of a service to keep them as fresh as possible. Especially in comparison to other small enterprises, a cold storage facility requires a larger investment, but over the long run, it offers a fair return on investment.

The cold storage industry is expanding quickly both inside and outside of India. It typically comes in two varieties: multipurpose and product-specific. As its name implies, the former works with the preservation of particular products, whilst the latter gives greater flexibility in that area. Evidently, the profit provided by multi-purpose cold storage continues to be higher than the alternative.

An Outline Of Cold Storage Companies' Importance

For agro-producers all over the globe, the storage of fruits and vegetables is one of the biggest concerns. These goods are being thrown away at an astounding rate.

Usually speaking, countries that produce a lot of fruits and vegetables are the ones that contribute more to food waste. Consequently, it is very important in these countries that;

  • the shelf life is extended.
  • Eliminating gluten
  • minimizes transportation gaps during intense fruit production.
  • ensuring the quality of the goods
  • Moreover, cold storage facilities are essential for reducing the loss of perishable goods.

Additionally, it makes agricultural goods readily available to target consumers in fresh states at profitable prices and facilitates remunerative expenses to agro-producers. So, cold storage is a perfect choice for the entrepreneurs in Assam, India.

The Capacity Of Cold Storage Units In Assam: How Can We Establish A Cold Storage Company There?

According to the study, the state’s total yearly production is only approximately 11 lahks MT, while the demand is expected to be between 40 and 45 lakh MT. There is currently only room for 1.81 lakh MT, or 16.5%, of the state’s entire production.

As a result, it is evident that only 1.8 lakh MT of the nearly 30 lahks MT provided from other countries is channeled through storage facilities, and the other 28.2 lacks MT is marketed lawfully through warehouses housed in godowns scattered around the state.

In this instance, it is evident that the transportation costs which the distributors opted to mark up profitably, as well as the cost of potatoes that are common in neighboring states, dictate the price of tubers in food shops. The study also turned up a fresh perspective.

Also, the inquiry has revealed a fresh perspective on how this sector functions.

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How much money is spend to open cold storage
Rules and Regulations for Starting a Cold Storage Solution in Assam

Following are some of the top rules and regulations for starting a cold storage solution in Assam:

  1. Important Licenses for Cold Storage Facilities

They are the following: 

  • Trade License
  • NOC from the Fire Department NOC from SPCB:
  • Local Municipality approval
  1. Investment Required To Build A Cold Storage

When compared to other minor organizations, the initial investment amount is notably higher. Investment is fundamentally necessary for fields like property purchase, construction, licensing, infrastructure building, etc. So, How much money is spend to open cold storage?

Also, you must make a significant financial commitment to buy cooling equipment. There is no shortage of cutting-edge equipment that provides greater effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

In addition to these costs, there is one more that you need to take into account: working capital expenses. Utility bill payments, employee salaries, and other promotional costs are among the other monthly costs.

  1. The Subsidy Provided by the Government

So, What is subsidy for cold storage? Importantly, the state government gave the institution a 50% subsidy. The largest cold storage facility in the North East, with a capacity of 5,000 MT, was opened in Chaygaon, according to CM Sarma.

  1. Cold Storage Types

Equipment commonly utilized in cold storage includes modular room freezers, combo refrigerators, and machine industrial cool chambers. So, you can choose any one of these types for starting up a cold storage solution.

  1. Essential Requirements For The India Cold Storage Business

A thorough business plan must be presented if a company owner plans to launch a cold storage operation. This business plan must include every aspect of the cold storage industry, including information on the company’s products and services, personnel information, and so on. Other than that, the business strategy should include the following important information.

  1. Choosing A Unit

While stepping into the business world, location is always the business manager’s top priority. Cold storage locations must be nearer to producing fields or client hubs. Generally speaking, a facility for cold storage with a 10,000 metric tonne capacity wants a minimum size of 2 acres to function as a multi-commodity or multi-storage facility.

While determining where to locate the storage facility, a business owner frequently takes the amount of produce into consideration.

  1. Choice Of Equipment

In the summer, it is important to choose equipment carefully, taking into account power failures and heavy items. While buying the gear for cold storage, there are a few essential factors that you must always take into account. These variables have included the machinery’s age, as well as wall, roof, floor, fan, and product load.

  1. Procuring Money

Maybe the most challenging task for every new business is raising money. It is not a good idea to invest all of your hard earned money at once when a business strategy is unknown. So, it is preferable to leave the money alone and use a more professional approach to accomplishing this goal.

Bottom Line

This is how you can start the cold storage business in Assam. You need to follow the entire above rules and regulations. You are going to need cold storage solutions services. We recommend you to use the services of the NSSPL in this regard.

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