What are the types of cold rooms?

What are the types of cold rooms

In the market, you will find different types of cold rooms. The choice of which to buy or rent will depend on several factors. One is the money available, but it is not the only one. That is why it is advisable to inform yourself before deciding, it is an important investment and it has to perform at its best. Let’s find out here what are the types of cold rooms?

Food refrigeration is key in the restaurant. If the cold chain is interrupted due to anomalies in the equipment, there can be great losses. If the cameras are not adapted to the needs of your business, risks can also arise. The issue of food refrigeration has a direct impact on profitability, so it is a sensitive issue that must be addressed.

What is technically a cold room?

As the words indicate, the cold room is a closed, thermally isolated enclosure. In it, the temperature is kept low, even below 0ºC. The chamber is equipped with a refrigeration system, which regulates the interior temperature. It offers a controlled temperature environment for the adequate conservation, pre-cooling, refrigeration, or freezing of products.

Types of cold rooms of different sizes and with the possibility of different thermal regulations are manufactured. There are general ones, for all types of food, and special ones for certain products and processes. Some refrigerate, others freeze and others do both.

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Some types of cold rooms:

Industrial cold room:

These are chambers designed to store large volumes of food. They are usually custom-made in the same location where they will work. They are used by producers or distributors of products. Examples of them are those for industrial use for meat, dairy, fish, and agricultural products.

These chambers are designed with an enclosure that is like a cold room. This space, which is the one that houses the food, can be of different sizes. There are small industrial cold rooms and others of medium or large volume.

Cooling equipment is separate, usually outside, and bulky. It is not common for restaurants to use these types of cameras. However, there are some who have good space that installs them. They are also used by chains that have an industrial chamber in one of their members from which products are distributed to the others. In particular, they are used by locals that operate in extensions of land, far from cities.

Modular cold room:

This type of cold room is very suitable for the restaurant. It adapts to any space and, as it is modular, it can be expanded if needs increase. They are made with materials that ensure total insulation that contributes to energy savings.

These chambers can be configured for refrigeration and for freezing, with positive and negative temperatures. The thickness of the walls is defined according to the temperature they must reach. Choosing this thickness exactly is essential to avoid loss of cold and, therefore, unnecessary energy expenditure. It is easy to install and can be moved if necessary. In addition, it is very aesthetic.

Freezing tunnel:

Another type of cold room is the freezing tunnel. It allows to quickly lower the temperature of a product, to the ideal thermal point for its conservation.

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Blast chiller:

The function and process mechanism of the blast chiller are the same as those of the tunnel freezer. It differs in size since the blast chiller is smaller and works for less volume of food. It is very useful in the kitchen. Chefs use the blast chiller when they prepare a dish and need to chill or freeze it in a short amount of time.

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