What are the types of cold storage?

What are the types of cold storage?

There are different types of cold storage. These are classified by their size and utility, from those that serve as food preservation vaults, to the freezer storages that operate in large food or pharmaceutical industries. In this article, we will tell you about the what are the types of cold storage?

What are the types of cold storage?

Cold storage can be divided into sizes and uses, these can be small, medium, large, and industrial; Likewise, they can be for cooling, preservation, and freezing. The differences apply from the cooling system, places where they are placed and the needs they must solve.


Among the types of cold storage, the cooling one stands out. This is usually the most used in a large number of businesses and industries. Usually, the conditions under which it works contemplate a temperature between 8 to -5 degrees Celsius and these can be of different sizes and be placed with or without insulation on the ground.

Types of cold storage:

Freezing cold storages

Freezing is one of the types of cold storage that are most frequently installed in supermarkets, commercial markets, and butcher shops or slaughterhouses. This, unlike cooling, works in negative degrees and has a freezing effect on all the products that are introduced.

Another difference it has with the cooling chamber is that in this case, freezing requires protection (insulation) from the ground and all the parts that adjoin the cold chamber. This is because poor insulation can cause conflicts in the cooling system or can alter the physical conditions of the space.

Preservation cold storage:

Preservation is not very different from cooling, only in this case do you have a space that is not exactly cold. In these, other factors must be taken into accounts, such as the preservation time and the level of humidity.

The preservation chambers are usually used for maceration, much more than for the refrigeration of perishable products. Restaurants with cava, liquor companies, and pharmaceutical companies make continuous use of this type of cold storage.

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To have a good commercial refrigeration system in supermarkets, some equipment and the different types of existing operation must be considered. In addition, it must be considered that there are legal specifications (legal norms) that must be followed rigorously so that these establishments can operate under the correct regulations.

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How is the commercial refrigeration system in supermarkets?

Within supermarkets, you can have different types of the commercial refrigeration system. This is because part of the refrigeration in these businesses has to do with the climatic conditions of the space, and the refrigeration of walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigerators.

One of the refrigeration systems that is usually operated in small supermarkets is self-contained refrigeration. Its cooling is similar to that of an air conditioner or a refrigerator, where the heat is dissipated to the environment outside the equipment. However, although it can be functional in spaces that do not have a large number of refrigerators, it is not the most convenient for a supermarket.

In large spaces, the commercial refrigeration system must be carried out with integrated systems, preferably with remote condensers that do not encourage the generation of heat within the facilities.

Set up your commercial refrigeration system:

Contemplating an ideal commercial refrigeration system for a supermarket is a task that requires precise and unique design. Two spaces never have the same needs, nor the same geographical context. That is why a personalized project is required to achieve optimal cooling work.

At nsspl.in, we are experts in carrying out commercial and industrial cold storage projects. We have specialists who can design and select the perfect equipment to install the best commercial refrigeration system; both in supermarkets and in other spaces for sale or commerce with refrigeration. We are sure, you have learned in this guide about what are the types of cold storage.

To know more about what are the types of cold storage, let us know and we will guide you.

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