What is Cold Storage and what are the main precautions to maintain it?

Frozen cold storage

Frozen cold storage is well-known equipment for those who work with commercial and industrial refrigeration. It can be found in various applications, such as food establishments, laboratories responsible for storing vaccines, and even in morgues.

The frozen warehouse is a high-tech product and, although its main objective is to conserve perishable products, its applications are not limited only to these. In addition to preserving food and beverages, this equipment is also capable of maintaining ideal temperatures for the storage of pharmaceutical products and agro-industry raw materials.

Do you want to know more applications of the frozen warehouse? We will tell you everything in this post.

What is a Cold Room?

frozen food warehouse storage is an installation, a set of equipment, that creates a controlled temperature space, suitable for the conservation of various elements and materials. This is a tool designed to work between 0°C to 18°C, but some models can reach negative temperatures.

Although complex, the frozen food warehouse storage system of equipment like this uses many of the components present in simpler refrigeration appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners. The system consists of a compressor, a condenser, evaporators, and fans, responsible for ensuring the homogeneity of the temperature within the space.

Frozen cold storage is robust equipment that presents a great cost-benefit, due to its low maintenance cost and its durability. With regular preventive maintenance, it has a long service life.

What are the main precautions to maintain a Cold Chamber?

Though durable, frozen cold storage still needs specific regular maintenance and care to function at its best. In addition to extending the useful life of the equipment, good usage and maintenance practices improve its performance, increasing its cooling capacity and saving energy.

The initial investment in installing a frozen food warehouse storage is high, so this type of care is essential to ensure an optimal state of conservation.

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Preventive maintenance is essential:

A serious problem can disrupt and even stop the entire system from functioning completely. This situation compromises the integrity of the products stored inside the cold room and this can be a fatal loss for any business.

Preventive maintenance is a simple practice that can avoid a situation like this, where damage can be irreversible. The incentive to carry out periodic checks on the system is the smartest practice to be adopted, avoiding large expenses with correction of problems in the long term.

During the preventive maintenance process, it is important to check the sealing of the doors, the general cleaning of the components, and look for leaks.

Product organization is very important:

When storing products inside a frozen food warehouse storage, it is important to prevent the evaporator air outlets from being blocked. Otherwise, the cold air will not be distributed evenly, which increases the system’s energy consumption and overloads the compressor. In addition, it is vital to maintain a space close to the ceiling and between goods for air circulation.

Always turn off the light:

It may seem like an unnecessary precaution, but the internal light affects the temperature of the frozen cold storage. Therefore, employees must turn off the light before leaving the room, as soon as their on-site services are completed. Leaving the light on makes the system compensate for the temperature gain, overloading all components.

Keep the door closed:

The door is an essential component of every frozen cold storage. Its function is to blindfold and protect the system completely and must be handled only during storage and removal of products from its interior.

If the door remains open or if there is any problem with its sealing, the temperature change of the system is compromised and the external heat and humidity enter the environment.

Conditions like this facilitate the formation of ice inside the chamber, forcing the system to start the de-icing process. Additionally, ice can block air vents and increase running costs, and overload components.

In operations with a large circulation of machines and people, the best choice is to use a PVC curtain for complete sealing of the refrigerated environment. In addition to keeping the cool air inside the room and facilitating the movement of employees, these curtains control the proliferation of bacteria and humidity inside cold rooms.

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cold storage

How to sanitize a cold room?

Cleaning is an essential process in maintaining a cold room. However, certain precautions need to be taken to ensure that the procedure will be efficient and beneficial to the system.

Remove products from space:

Cleaning cannot be done while the space is being used, after all, disinfectant supplies can influence the integrity of the products, especially if they are of food or pharmaceutical origin.

Furthermore, in this scenario, sanitation will not be completely efficient as there will be inaccessible spaces. That’s why, during the cleaning process, the products must be placed in coolers, freezers, or another cold room.

Use the correct inputs and procedures:

When cleaning frozen cold storage, it is important to use neutral detergent and a damp cloth. For disinfection, choose alcohol. The use of chlorine-based products inside a cold room is not recommended as the component can cause oxidation.

The use of water jets is also not recommended during the cleaning process as the connecting panels between the walls can be damaged.

Dry the inside of the chamber well:

This procedure prevents dampness that increases the proliferation of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. It is important that drying is done with clean, dry cloths that have not been used previously during the cleaning process.

Keep a periodic hygiene calendar:

Once the work is complete, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of this cleaning process. Keeping frozen cold storage properly disinfected and clean is an ongoing effort. In the absence of a consistent cleaning routine, all the work can be wasted.

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