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Among its many options for using the maritime container for the sustainable and economical solution to optimize business, there is the possibility of cold storage. In businesses that need specific temperatures, this model has been presented as a very interesting cooling and freezing option. Let us understand below what is cold storage business?

What is Cold Storage business?

This cold storage alternative performs its role very well and is attracting many entrepreneurs from the food, horticulture, pharmacy, and chemical and electronic industries.

But even though they are considered to be extremely efficient and durable, you may still have doubts about the use of cold storage. Therefore, we will present in this post the main advantages, how it works and when to use this type of module in your business. Let’s get started and learn what is a cold store?

The differences between the cold storage and the cold room:

First of all, we must emphasize that both aim to perform the same function: to conserve the products.

What is a cold store – The main difference between one and the other is that the cold storage is more flexible and can be rented for whatever period is needed, and if purchased, the cost is much lower. The cold room, on the other hand, is built and occupies permanent space, which can, and will, generate costs.

Cold storage is a maritime container that has thermal insulation, special materials such as steel sheets, and a built-in refrigeration system.

On the other hand, the cold room, or cold room, is a built space located inside the establishments, usually, it is a conventional civil construction, that is, masonry.

Large companies in periods of high demand have found a mixed solution to conserve their products and rely on both the traditional cold store and refrigerated containers to conserve certain goods, such as a slaughterhouse that wants to store turkeys during Christmas periods, for example.

Other smaller or medium-sized businesses already adopt cold storage containers for reasons of mobility and economy. Hope now it’s clear – what is cold storage business?

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Benefits of the cold storage:

1.Cost and benefit to fill your eyes and not empty your pocket:

The main advantage is the economy. As there is the possibility of turning off the camera during peak power hours without compromising the quality of cooling, it is an excellent alternative to collaborate with sustainability.

For those who want to set up their business and need to evaluate between conventional construction and a refrigerated container, make sure that the refrigerated container comes out ahead.

Overall, the use of a container is very positive when it comes to cost-effectiveness. It is a great advantage in terms of expenses and investments.

2.Quick and convenient installation:

As mentioned in the previous topic, working with cold storage has enormous practicality and agility. Its installation makes the work much cleaner, generating less debris.

When installing, it is necessary to pay special attention to the electrical network. For the proper functioning of the cold storage, it is essential to have a three-phase electrical network, as well as three-phase electrical points.

As for the ground, it must be very flat and able to support the weight of the container, as well as its storage capacity. This will help the structure to remain intact.

3.Great mobility and ease of transport:

One of the advantages of the cold storage is its ease of transport. The mobility of structures allows it to be present where it is most needed.

A truck used to transport the container can serve as the structure’s warehouse, taking into account its light material.

4.Sustainable constructions that reduce environmental impact:

The term sustainability is a very important factor and is currently being discussed a lot.

A few years ago, this equipment was used only for the maritime transport of perishable products. Afterward, the structures were left unused and discarded in the environment, and this caused great damage.

So, architects and engineers began to see containers as an opportunity for reuse in construction. In addition to avoiding disposal into the environment, they meet exactly the expectations of those who want to have a home or business that has a positive impact on nature.

This makes using the container as a social benefactor more attractive. The reuse of structures that were originally discarded. The use of refrigerated containers also contributes to an innovative business full of benefits

5.Better use of space:

They are versatile and a great alternative for those who have little space to build. Cold storages make good use of space, even if the environment is small, and can be used better, due to the “lightness” of the material and the adaptability of the structure.

If you have the need to use refrigeration chambers, but space is limited, then the refrigerated module will certainly serve you well. If you want to innovate and be more daring, you can even build an office in a cold storage.

How does the cold storage work?

Once you know what is a cold store, now you should also learn how does it work? It has a refrigeration system that maintains the internal temperature from minus 30°C to 30°C, depending on the need.

This system is located on the front opposite the door and consists of a compressor, a condenser, an air inlet, the external controller, and an internal expansion and evaporation instrument.

The big secret of cold storage is the internal airflow. Even if there is a maximum load, it must not be blocked, and it has areas that demarcate the limits and must be respected.

The floor is made up of T-shaped bars, which ensure that the airflow passes below the products for heat exchange, returning from above until reaching the evaporator.

Hope you now understood everything about what is cold storage business?

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