What is cold storage for Fruits?

Is There Any Possibility Of Store Vegetables Or Fruits For Three Months In Cold Storage

We understand industrial cold as the technological activity of designing, building, implementing, and maintaining refrigeration equipment (from refrigeration systems to air conditioning systems), as well as its facilities. Industrial cooling solutions must seek the perfect balance between technology, efficiency, and high performance with maximum energy savings, always based on the needs and technical characteristics of each project. Cold storage is very useful for vegetables and fruits. In this guide, we will learn about what is cold storage for fruits.

What is cold storage for fruits?

Are you wondering what is cold storage for fruits? Well, cold storage is the primary method to extend the fruit’s life. Pears and apples quickly soften and become farinaceous in texture when you keep them at ambient temperature.  

Cold Storage For Fruits

What are the benefits of cold storage for fruits?

The benefits provided by the industrial cold and refrigeration sector are:

  • The reduction in ambient temperature improves the comfort of people.
  • Reducing the rate of the rottenness of organic matter that enables the preservation of food and other several materials during distribution and storage.
  • If we did not have the opportunity of producing cold, 40% of the world’s food production will be lost.
  • Industrial refrigeration companies are one of those that consume the most energy. One of the most effective saving measures today for this type of company is to cover the consumption of compressors with photovoltaic solar energy. In this way, industrial self-consumption serves to meet the demand for electricity from industrial cold chambers during daylight hours.

The different industrial processes in which industrial cold is applied are:

  • Refrigeration developments for refrigeration chambers and refrigerators, established in ships or in industrial storage plants whose goal is the freezing or storage of food.
  • Cold centers, and dispensing machinery that operate between 1 to 4ºC for fresh products, and -18 and -30ºC for frozen products.
  • Water cooling systems in buildings.
  • Direct operation and maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems.

Photovoltaic energy applied to the industrial cold and refrigeration sector does not affect production processes, quite the opposite. The success of this type of installation in this sector is created by the fact that they carry out most of their activity during daylight hours and on their high level of energy consumption since this type of machinery consumes the most electricity.

We can observe this in the case of the home, verifying that both the refrigerator and the air conditioning are two of the most consuming appliances.

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Benefits of solar energy in industrial refrigeration companies:

As we have mentioned, industrial refrigeration companies are characterized by having a high level of electricity consumption throughout the day. These types of companies, refrigeration, positive and negative cold, never stop, and their refrigerators and chambers work and consume 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Let us see below what are the most significant advantages of photovoltaic installations in the industrial cooling and refrigeration sector:

A properly sized photovoltaic installation for self-consumption can help reduce your daytime electricity costs by 50-70%. In this way, the company can satisfy practically all its daytime electrical needs directly from the photovoltaic installation.

The solar panels themselves located on the roof act as thermal insulation, facilitating the maintenance of low temperatures in the cold rooms or even in some cases lower the temperature of the building by up to 4º and 5º. This generates a striking energy saving that is reflected in the electricity bill.

A photovoltaic installation for self-consumption improves procedures or certain consumption habits, such as putting into operation machines that are only used at night due to the high cost of electricity and that could work during the day or even extend the production process.

With the savings on the electricity bill, it is possible to invest in improving the facilities, renewing the machinery, incorporating new product lines and, therefore, being more competitive.

Photovoltaic self-consumption helps our corporate social responsibility plan since thanks to it we reduce our environmental impact and at the same time project a positive image towards our customers. In this way, we become a sustainable company, an attribute that is increasingly demanded and valued among customers.

How to start up a photovoltaic installation in the industrial cold and refrigeration sector?

There are a series of steps to follow to start up a photovoltaic installation in the industrial cooling sector:

  • Request a connection to the electricity transmission network that must be provided by the electricity company in the area. The process takes between one and two months.
  • Carry out a photovoltaic installation project and present it to the College of Engineers in the area for approval. Fees are paid based on installed power. This process usually takes about two weeks.
  • Apply for the building license at the town hall. You have to pay some fees and the license is obtained in approximately two months.
  • Constitute the guarantee of the installation. Depending on the power to be installed, the amounts are between 50 dollars per kW in installations of up to 20 kW and 500 dollars per kW in higher installations.

The system is based on cold storage at night, taking advantage of the cheaper electricity rate. During the day, it carries out the transfer of the stored cold, adjusting itself to the needs of the installation demand.

The advantages are mainly economic savings in the production of cold without having to make major changes to existing facilities, reduced operating costs, very interesting rates of return on investment, and improved energy efficiency.

For example, Natural Storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd. can absorb the excess production of a self-consumption photovoltaic installation to generate cold, which will be used at other times when it is most necessary. In this way, we take advantage of excess production energy and avoid mis-spelling it to the electricity grid, providing added value for the energy manager of the whole.

If you want to know more about what is cold storage for fruits, do not hesitate to call us at Natural storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

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