What is cold storage logistics?

How many cold storages are there in Gujarat

When you have made the business decision to install a cold storage, but still want to know more about what is cold storage logistics? It is necessary to take into account a series of factors on which the proper functioning and effectiveness of the equipment will depend.

The design of cold storages goes hand in hand with the characteristics of your business and the objectives set for the conservation and operation of food, industrial materials or medical substances.

Raising the requirements for the correct refrigeration:

An expert in commercial refrigeration equipment must take an inventory of your company’s needs to offer solutions that primarily consider:

1. Cooling goals according to your industry:

Number of products, capacity, etc. Among the uses of cold storages are:

  • Frozen product storage
  • Refrigerated product storage
  • Blast Freezer or fast freezing
  • Process storage
  • Pre-cooling of fruits or vegetables
  • Fruit ripening
  • Maturing of meats or cheeses
  • Wine storage
  • Convenience store
  • Medical products or tests

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2. Energy saving:

Or how to use the type of cold storage or cold storage in a way that helps keep consumption as low as possible.

3. The current ecological standards:

There are refrigeration processes and equipment that use refrigerant gases that seriously affect the environment and your cold storage must comply with standards at the risk of raising costs or incurring environmental fines.

Today many companies are taking this into consideration not only because of the regulations but also because they allow considerable energy savings. Now, let’s find out what is cold storage logistics?

What is cold storage logistics?

Cold storage logistics is the process and technology that allows for the safe transport of temperature-sensitive products and goods along with the supply chain.

Do you know which are the synthetic refrigerant gases whose use will soon disappear?

These are synthetic refrigerants such as:

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

It is known that these chemicals are harmful to the ozone layer, causing the greenhouse effect and global warming, so their use is highly controlled and, therefore, expensive.

Relevant factors for the design of cold storages:

In addition to these general characteristics, an expert in cold storages should consider your daily operation in order to design your cold storage.

The daily logistics of your company define how many times a day a product enters and leaves the cold storage, how many people access it and how long they remain inside the storage. This implies that fluctuations in temperature due to heat flow must be taken into account in cooling needs.

For example, changes in temperature due to the presence of an open window or door and the heat emanating from the people who will work in the cold storage.

Similarly, in smaller businesses that require refrigerated display cases, the number of times the main window is opened or the movement of products affects heat flow.

This is a fundamental element that the expert must consider in order to offer you cold storage equipment that is viable, economical and that complies with current regulations.

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