What is cold storage of Fruits?

What is cold storage of Fruits?

Cold storages for fruits and vegetables are a key part of the conservation and logistics chain. Adapting to different climates, whether Mediterranean, tropical, or desert, and keeping certain types of fruit in perfect condition for consumption has been a task that has been perfected over time. If you are planning to start your cold storage, let’s learn more about what is cold storage of fruits.

While technology continues to evolve, to create cold storage that keeps the fruit more efficiently, applying high technology with characteristics that allow controlled ripening and de-greening to maintain the optimal freshness of fruits and vegetables.

For farmers, processors, and distribution chains, cold storage for vegetables and fruit has allowed us to go further and further, with controlled costs and maintaining adequate quality to reach the final consumer’s fruit bowl with optimum quality.

For this reason, it is of vital importance for the distribution chain to opt for refrigerated preservation of vegetables, which may allow these foods to be preserved in the best possible way and for a longer period. Let’s first learn what is cold storage of fruits?

What is cold storage of fruits?

The use of a cold storage chamber for fruit delimits a space where the conservation elements allow the nutrients, flavor, and freshness of the food not to deteriorate at the natural rate.

The control of oxygen levels, the CO within it, which in turn restricts the growth and multiplication of microorganisms or ethylene, is key to reducing the oxidation of foods such as oranges, tomatoes, pepitas, bananas, kiwis, lettuce, and all the variety of leafy vegetables, aubergines, peppers and so many other vegetables that the fertile orchards provide to the market every day.

The food stored in the cold storage for vegetables under controlled temperature is kept fresh for variable periods depending on what type of vegetable it is. And all this is done simply by pressing a button on the front of the cold storage, but of course for this quality fruit and vegetable refrigeration facilities are needed in addition to having specific settings, which not only preserve but also allow reducing losses in weight and quality.

The cold storage for vegetables and fruits is capable of maintaining up to 16mbar, which is the ideal pressure level to preserve and preserve most fruit vegetables. It is also capable of reducing humidity levels in the air, thereby discouraging mold growth.

The size of the cold storage for fruits and vegetables compartment is adaptable according to requirements and several pallets of vegetables can be stored without problems. The device can be powered by electricity and in case the electricity goes out it is kept on using medium-duration batteries.

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Industrial cold installations for fruits and vegetable warehouses:

There are several types of cold storage for fruits and vegetables for warehouses, including a wide range of vegetable cold storage, vegetable cold storage, fruit cold storage, modular, fruit pre-cooling storage, and cold storage system.

Cold storage for fruits shop:

These warehouses are completely controlled by temperature with hot storage for maturation if required and also with cold storage chambers, where it is allowed to walk to move the merchandise.

The use of this type of refrigerator is so versatile since they are not only used for the business of selling fresh fruit and vegetables, allowing them to store prepared dairy products, various items such as specialized oils, dry products, exotic products and to store a wide variety of products. range of fourth range products.

Cold storage for vegetables:

In a well-established greengrocer, having cold storage that can be thoroughly scrutinized by competent quality regulators provides peace of mind that the food will be well preserved. Apart from this, these cold storages help maintain the quality and freshness of fruits and vegetables stored inside.

These systems are available in various specifications as per the varied demands of the market. They are manufactured using the highest grade raw material with the necessary industry standards to comply with regulations and provide energy efficiency.

Is There Any Possibility Of Store Vegetables Or Fruits For Three Months In Cold Storage

Conservation of fruits in cold storage:

It is manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques and modernized equipment to ensure low maintenance, high efficiency, and excellent quality. On the other hand, they are one of the cheapest cameras on the market.

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The role of cold storage for post-harvest fruit:

Each type of fruit has different characteristics that require different forms of conservation, where cold storage storages play an essential role. This diversity represents an interesting challenge for the industry, which combines all its efforts to maintain its properties and guarantee their good condition for as long as possible. To preserve these characteristics, cold storages act fundamentally in the conservation of all types of fruit.

What is cold storage of fruits? Well, Cold storages for fruit are precisely responsible for the industrial refrigeration of these foods. They are responsible for controlling temperature, humidity, and air circulation, and renewal. Thus, these tools are essential to keep fruits in good condition, preserve their properties and benefits, as well as prevent them from going bad due to unwanted fungi or pathogens such as Rhizopus or Phomopsis.

Functions of cold storage for fruit:

Carrying out an adequate collection, handling, storage, and distribution of the fruits is necessary so that they reach the final consumer in perfect condition. Fruit refrigeration is the best system for maintaining these foods, but also for increasing their shelf life.

Cold storages for fruit perform the following functions:
  • They delay the ripening of fruits, as well as their senescence, which is known as the aging of food tissue cells.
  • They prevent the appearance and attack of microorganisms.
  • They minimize both quantitative and qualitative losses of food products, in this case, fruit.
  • Before the collection of the fruits, the collection time must be carefully calculated, as well as that of transport, storage, and distribution, so that at the time of collection it is carried out with the optimum time before its maturation since this is It will be completed in the industrial refrigeration process, where optimal conditions are ensured to finish the process until the moment of sale.

However, when we talk about non-climacteric products, this collection, transport, storage and distribution times vary, since they are calculated taking into account that the fruit must remain on the plant until it is fully ripe.

To know more about what is cold storage of fruits, do not hesitate to contact us at nsspl.in.

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