What is maximum subsidy amount in cold storage?

What is maximum subsidy amount in cold storage?

Ecological cold storage offers many advantages. But how do you prevent it from freezing? Should it be isolated? What to do with the air vents? What is maximum subsidy amount in cold storage? We answer you.

let’s look at refrigeration equipment used by any professional: the professional cold storage. Through this article, we are interested in its use, its installation, but also the different types of professional cold storage.

What is professional cold storage used for?

A professional cold storage is a storage space that ensures the preservation of food and other food products. This refrigeration equipment is generally used by a professional.

There is cold storage of all kinds: depending on the dimensions, positive or negative or even modular or built. The key is to choose the most suitable professional cold storage according to the needs of your establishment.

We could sometimes confuse professional cold storage with a refrigerated cabinet. These two machines have the same purpose: the preservation of food and food products. However, professional cold storage offers a much larger storage space than a refrigerated cabinet.

Note, however, that there is positive cold storage for freezing food and negative cold storage for freezing products.

Which cold storage to choose?

If you have to buy cold storage, know that there are two models: cold storage with a one-piece motor and cold storage with a remote unit. Refrigeration equipment with a monobloc is the most used in the food and catering sector. These characteristics are of course different from cold storage which would be positive or negative.

Whether you are buying one-piece cold storage or with a remote unit, Yogeshdahiya.com offers both models according to the dimensions that suit you.

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One-piece cold storage:

If you have chosen a mountable and dismountable cold storage, you will probably have refrigeration equipment with a monobloc. This means that the motor is installed directly on the cold storage. This system can sometimes be noisy for users. However, take into account that this type of motor may heat the storage where your cold storage will be installed.

Cold storage with the remote group:

If, on the contrary, your cold storage was entirely built within your establishment, the motor unit is probably outside your storage space. Thus, the motor cannot heat your storage, nor make too much noise. However, the installation of a fully built cold storage with a remote unit is much more expensive than cold storage with a monoblock motor.

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Removable cold storage:

Removable cold storages have the advantage of being built and deconstructed at any time. Indeed, this model is made up of sandwich panels that ensure the insulation of your storage space. Then simply fit the different panels (ceiling, floor, wall, etc.) together.

Built cold storage:

With built-in cold storage, your storage space will be spacious enough to accommodate all your foodstuffs. These are usually cold storages that are built inside an establishment. In this case, it is not possible to deconstruct the cold storage.

Yogesh Dahiya - your cold storage equipment specialist:

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Wide selection of cold equipment:

With cold storage, ice maker, refrigerated cabinet, refrigerated display case, professional fridge, or refrigerated preparation table, you will necessarily find the product you need that will be perfectly suited to your restaurant.

Now, let’s check out what is maximum subsidy amount in cold storage?

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What is the maximum subsidy amount in cold storage?

The Central Government and State Government provide you subsidies ranging from 35% to 50% for cold storage.

Quality at the rendezvous:

At Yogeshdahiya.com our motto? We offer professional devices of unparalleled quality. Our equipment will be resistant and robust to operate for many years! In addition, we recommend that equipment is designed in stainless steel or stainless steel. Indeed, stainless steel is widely acclaimed in the catering sector for its ability to withstand any test whatever the use you make of it. It is for this reason that we mainly offer stainless steel machines.

An easy search:

You will also have the possibility of choosing and filtering your searches according to the characteristics of the appliance: capacity (in liters), dimensions (height, width, and depth), number of doors, with or without wheels, etc. Thus, your search will be filtered so you have easier access to the device that suits your needs.

A final advantage with Yogeshdahiya.com? Our unbeatable prices! Our equipment is quality at a low price, what more could you ask for? If you need advice, contact us without further delay!

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