What is subsidy for cold storage?

What is subsidy for cold storage

Cold is used in various industrial processes, but its use has been present since man began to preserve his food. However, each product is different, so its treatment varies according to physical and chemical needs. Knowing and properly applying the cold supply guarantees more profitable products with higher quality. If you want to know what is subsidy for cold storageLet’s find out in this guide:

What is subsidy for cold storage?

Subsidies are one of the important parts of cold storage. The Central Government and State Government give you subsidies ranging from 35% to 50% subsidy for cold storage.

Managing an inadequate temperature in the refrigeration of dairy products can accelerate microbial activity, which leads to poor quality products.

The cold chain is a succession of logistics processes with controlled temperature. It is made up of several stages that constitute the refrigeration or freezing process, which is necessary for perishable products, refrigerated or frozen, to reach the consumer safely.

It is called a “chain” because it includes a whole set of activities that are required to guarantee the quality and safety of a product, from its origin to its use or consumption.

It is only enough that one of the stages of the process is compromised at some point to affect the entire cold chain, harming the quality and safety of the product.

Regarding the one that is carried out for the handling of dairy products, these, being products sensitive to heat and light, lose certain nutrients when exposed to them, which ends up affecting their flavor.

In order to preserve these products, it is necessary to avoid breaking the cold chain. In addition, conservation is directly linked to other aspects, such as the control of inputs and outputs, in order to guarantee the rotation of the product and not prolong its storage. Also, the temperature and humidity control of the storage places must be free of cross-contamination and have good ventilation. As for the packaging and packaging conditions, the products must be hermetically sealed and without bumps.

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Cold supply:

Refrigeration is one of the most used methods for the conservation of both dairy products and their derivatives. When subjected to sub-zero temperatures it is possible to alter fat molecules, proteins, and sugars; these, finally, lose their physical characteristics, an issue that gives them an appearance like sour milk.

On the other hand, the temperature is an important variable for the growth of microorganisms, which can be classified into hyperthermophiles, thermophiles, mesophiles, and psychrophiles.

Hyperthermophiles grow in a temperature range between 65 and 115 °C; thermophiles between 45 and 65 °C, mesophiles between 10 and 45 °C, and psychrophiles have an optimum growth temperature of 15 °C or lower.

But can grow down to 0 °C. There is also another type of microorganism with an optimal growth temperature between 20 and 40°C, but which can grow at 0°C, which is called psychrotolerant.

Cold chain:

The cold chain starts from the moment the processed product is obtained; subsequently, it goes through the phases of distribution, storage, and handling.

The activities and resources necessary to develop the programs vary considerably in each of these phases, for which it must be borne in mind that even if there is state-of-the-art technology for the cold chain, it will not be effective if the people responsible for the program do not know and they do not correctly apply the principles of operation and functioning of the refrigeration equipment and the components used for the conservation of the product.

For example, the transformation of raw milk into milk and processed products is a way of preserving it.

As for pasteurization, this is a procedure by which, through heat treatment, the shelf life of milk is prolonged and the microorganisms that are naturally present in it are reduced. On the other hand, yogurt retains its nutritional values ​​two hours after being processed without being refrigerated. After this time, their properties begin to change.

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