What is the approximate cost for building 1 hectare cold storage building?

What is the approximate cost for building 1 hectare cold storage building

A vital question is, ‘What is the approximate cost of building 1 hectare of cold storage.’ The investment in cold storage is one-time but is a huge investment. Even mini cold storage requires 50 lakh investments. 

What is crucial in cold storage?

Effective cold storage is critical for preserving vegetables and other perishable products. There is significant demand, so knowing the cold storage building cost is essential. The practices of poor storage have caused a significant waste of good produce. The cold storage solutions investment helps reduce waste. It also maintains the vegetable’s quality and freshness, enhancing profitability.

The cold storage business’s initial investment is high in comparison to all other businesses. It is a profitable venture, and the return is long-lasting and higher. The cold storage freezing storage facilities are for poultry, vegetables, fruits, and meat and seafood products. The freezing storage includes packaged foods, such as beer and cigarettes, besides medicines. Contact NSSPL to understand what more items need freezing storage and build a cold storage building.

A global issue is food waste and the major contributors are vegetables and fruits. Countries featuring high production are the countries with prevalent food wastage. Thus, cold storage is a necessity to extend the shelf life of packaged or processed foods. It helps post-harvest processing by retaining the quality and provides year-round fresh fruits. The perishable waste reduces with proper cold storage as it preserves the produce. Learn from NSSPL how to enhance profitability and address food waste.

What is the approximate cost of building a 1-hectare cold storage building?

Setting up a space for cold storage requires 30-40 lakh as a minimum investment. The investment costs include land acquisitions, permits for construction, and utilities licensing such as electricity and water. The investment is large to erect infrastructure and to buy cooling machines. 

The cold storage investment for 5000 MT is around 3 to 4 crores. This is the cost in India and may vary with area and place. To know the approximate cost contact NSSPL. They will give you in detail and set your project within your budget and time.

With better technology, you get the best cold storage. Set your financial budget before knowing the facts and invest in this business. Modern machines assure long-term durability and better performance. They are fixed charges, but you must include working capital expenses. They are utility bills, staff payments, and promotional expenses.

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How to start building cold storage business?

Planning to start a business in cold storage requires developing a business strategy. The plan should have relevant information on services and products used for cold storage plants. The business owner should furnish full address and name particulars.

  • Buying a property for cold storage business is essential. Ensure the property is a cold storage facility and must be non-agricultural land.
  • A road should link, and drainage facilities must be perfect.
  • Constructing cold storage facility requires the local government consent letter.
  • The site should be elevated, and labor is per day for 12 hours in the facilities.
  • Build a water-softening plant if it is not available.
  • Testing the ability of the soil is crucial to ascertain its strength in load bearing.
  • Insurance for the facility is mandatory.
  • Equip the cold storage facility with fire extinguishers and alarms.
  • Vacuum and pressure the refrigeration system, as a precaution, and let it undergo testing.

The processed food demand is high, and the habits of diets change, increasing the need for cold storage facilities rapidly. This demand intensifies with significant growth and investments in the e-commerce sector requiring efficient storage and perishable goods delivery. Modern technology advancements include energy-efficient equipment, automatic temperature control systems, and resulting in reduced operational expenses and improved efficiency. 

The potential of preventing food waste and ascertaining food security has made cold storage a crucial component. Embracing it unlocks economic development and growth.

What are the technical aspects to consider?

Product storing is crucial at a required temperature. It relies on the refrigeration system of the cold storage plant, and the working depends on:

  • Vapor absorption- This system compensates and is economical for any startup business’s initial investment. It conserves operational and energy costs. The issue with this system is it has restrictions in storing items and produces below 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Vapor compression- It is in three types as per the storage room’s temperature. One is the diffuser type suitable for low-height storage rooms. The bunker-type room is for a cold storage room that is more than 11.5m. The fin coil type is for a cold storage room that is energy efficient and above 5.4m. However, the fin coil type is more expensive than the other types, increasing the cost to 5%.

The cooling process takes place due to the refrigerant material. It consumes heat by evaporation while the pressure and temperature are low. It releases heat through condensation. Ammonia is used and not Freon as a refrigerant for cold storage. It is because there is ban on Freon.

High-speed reciprocation compressors and atmospheric condensers are in use as they are energy efficient. They cost less and are easy to maintain. Select the cold storage equipment only after consulting NSSPL. It is because NSSPL engineers recommend equipment that manages heavy use and handles heat loads during peak summers.

Wrapping Up

A cold storage building requires a detailed operation plan before starting. It is correct to know ‘what is the approximate cost for building a 1-hectare cold storage building.’ Contacting NSSPL will ensure you do not miss out on any important detail. Their engineers and technicians offer all the support. 

NSSPL professionals will suggest a cold storage capacity to tolerate the heat load. They design the cold storage considering loads of fans, products, and light. In addition, consider equipment age, the heat produced, fresh air load, and heat from the walls, ceilings, and floors.

Contact NSSPL to know the exact cost of your cold storage building!

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