What Is The Cost To Make A Cold Storage Of 50 Metric Ton?

What Is The Cost To Make A Cold Storage Of 50 Metric Ton

Small cold storage will be the best option for you if you have a limited budget. Not everyone is ready to risk their savings in a business. The investment of 50 lakhs in a business like cold storage facility is risky as the market is growing so is the competition. The competitive markets allow everyone to grow. So, are you thinking of making cold storage for getting high returns on investment? Before you translate the idea into reality, you should have detailed knowledge regarding the cost of the cold storage facility. So, what is the cost to make a cold storage of 50 metric ton. Keep reading to learn about it.

What is the Cost to Make a Cold Storage of 50 Metric Ton?

The cost of cold storage would rely on a variety of variables, the most important being:

  1. The Item To Be Kept. The cost is dependent on which the type of product you choose for storing in the cold storage facility.
  2. Cold Room Temperature Must Be Maintained. The maintenance of the cold storage facility eats up a great chunk of the revenue earned. So, consider this point.
  3. Product Inventory As A Whole. The product inventory must also be considered as a whole. It impacts the quality of the product.
  4. Frequency Of Product Incoming/Loading (Mt/Batch, Mt/Day, Etc.). The cold storage facility would become operational once it is made. So, you should consider the frequency of product loading and incoming.
  5. Inbound Product Temperature. The necessity of the inbound product temperature is also a great determinant.
  6. Pull-Down Duration. This is another important consideration that would affect the productivity of the facility. So, pull-down duration should be considered.
  7. Ambient Temperature. What temperature would be perfect for your products? It would definitely add to the cost of the facility.
  8. Operation type (storing, pre-cooling, blast cooling, blast freezing, etc.) Every operation has its own price. You must choose storing, pre-cooling, blast cooling, and blast freezing as per your budget as it adds the cost greatly.
  9. How frequently doors open. The opening of the door also affects the cost as cooling leaves the room. Consider the cost of keeping the unit cool.
  10. Unit for Insulating and Refrigerating Cold Storage Rooms is intended. A unit for the insulation and refrigeration of the cold storage rooms is also constructed. So, consider the cost related to this unit.

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Bottom Line - The General Cost to Establish the Cold Storage Facility

As a general guideline, the price of a cold storage facility with a 50 Ton capacity ought to be around 9 Lakhs even without the land cost being included. It has been determined to be 180 days in a year divided by 50 cents per day per tonne is 18000 annual tonnes. So, you should always have not more than one million in your pocket before you agree to purchase the small cold storage facility.

To enter the market for cold storage facilities, you should have at least $1 million. The one million investment would help in making cold storage of 50 metric tons. Any one item can be kept in large quantities in cold storage. You can also consider the option of a modest cold storage unit if you wish to keep your lemons in bulk.

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