What is the science of cold storage?

What is the science of cold storage

What is the science of cold storage? Is there science involved in the cold storage facilities that keep the foods fresh for months? To know more about cold storage, its science, and technology, Yogesh Dahiya, the MD of NSSPL is the right person to clarify. He is an expert and has vast knowledge about cold storage.

What is the process of cold storage?

Cold storage is a widely practiced method to handle in bulk the perishables between the processing of production and marketing. It is the way of reserving perishable commodities for a longer period within the storage system.

The cold storage solution is a choice dictated by the temperature sensitivity and availability to preserve. The pharmaceutical refrigerators maintain samples for a few days to weeks. However, anything to be stored for a longer time requires an ultra-low freezer to meet various needs of cold storage solutions.

What is the science of cold storage?

Cold storage is vital for any laboratory to preserve samples. The key feature is to know ‘what is the science of cold storage.’ It is to have deep refrigeration, and this low temperature relates to cold storage science. Irrespective of the temperature operating, there are cold storage solutions featuring highlighting features. 

  • It has a uniform interior temperature critical to avoid compromising integrity. The back-shelf products reach lower temperatures as they come in contact with refrigerators. They freeze and so should be avoided.
  • Cold storage solutions require accurate temperature control. It is possible by connecting a temperature sensor to the cooling device. You may connect to a fan to ensure the storage temperature is maintained. Digital systems provide a visible control panel and enable quick assessment of performance.
  • The cold storage provides fast recovery of temperature after door opening in labs. There may be misleading results generated due to ambient temperatures. Thus, ensure to reduce of the room temperature effects on storage conditions. With cold storage, the fast recovery of temperature should be able to withstand the door opening high frequency.

Finally, the power fluctuations impact is a sign of an effective cold storage solution. It means setting the temperature for several hours after a power outage and keeping the door closed. Preventing critical equipment during power outages is crucial, and so many places have generators installed as a backup to work.

Know the science of cold storage from experts at NSSPL!

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Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

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