What Points Must Be Considered While Opening A Cold Storage Plant?

How Many Types Of Refrigeration Systems Are Used In Cold Storage

A feasibility study is necessary for the proper planning of a cold store. This study examines market, distribution, technical, and administrative solutions and procedures, as well as potential sites, and evaluates each one’s suitability for the project at hand from both a technical and financial perspective. So, What Points Must Be Considered While Opening A Cold Storage Plant? Keep reading as we are going through the establishment process of the cold storage solutions.

The Feasibility of a Cold Storage Solution, and Important Elements to Consider

So, What Points Must Be Considered While Opening A Cold Storage Plant? Each cold storage location has a logical catchment region where it is feasible to operate economically in terms of transporting the goods to be stored. Often, this section is where the majority of the business is conducted.

Why Cold Storage Plants Are Needed In India?

So, why cold storage plants are needed in India? The creation of a cold store requires a thorough examination of the current and potential future markets because this facility is a link in the conservation, cleaning, and transfer of the landed fish. So, the store must offer the frozen and cold storage services at the proper time, location, and cost. This is also why the cold storage plants are needed in India.

The industry’s marketing tactics are wholly responsible for the operation’s achievement. Several elements that affect the site from a building and operational perspective exist. Examples include the type of soil, the subsoil, the topography of the locations, the accessibility to water and electricity, the supply of labour, and the laws governing the neighbourhood and other enterprises. Now, we are going to discuss the elements that must be considered while opening a cold storage plant.

1.Selecting The Appropriate Type Of Cold Storage
It is crucial to consider how cold storage will be used.

● Pre-cooling chamber: Used to pre-cool items between 0 and +8 degrees Celsius.
● Used for cold storage in the +8–+14 °C range, a cold storage room is also known as a cool room.
● Used for cold storage in the -1/+ 8 °C range is the cold storage chamber.
● Frozen storage chamber: Used to keep frozen goods at temperatures between -18 and -24 °C.
● For the blast freezing of the range, a chamber with a temperature of -35/-45 °C was employed.

2. What Things Should Be Stored?
Each room in the warehouse should only hold one kind of product. If the goods is in contained wrapping and the storage conditions are compatible, different products may be kept together.

3.Product Storage Humidity And Temperature
Calculations are made while building a refrigerated warehouse based on the kinds of goods that will be kept there. The shelf life and storage of the products may be reduced as a result of the wrong temperature being chosen.

4.Product Entry Temperatures In The Warehouse
It is crucial to know what temperature the products are transported to the storage at in order to calculate the cooling load.

5.Daily Entrance Amount To A Product Storage
A forklift, the number of employees, the quantity of trucks, the truck parking space, and other factors are decided based on the quantity of products entering the warehouse.

6. Forms Of Packaging Design
Products can really be carried in stacked form using a carton box, package, pallet, or chassis, based on the storage style.

7.Dimensions Of Cold Storage
The desired capacity, the topography, and the zoning status are taken into consideration while determining the room’s measurements.

8.Amount Of Rooms To Be Constructed In The Warehouse
The quantities of the goods and the rate of flow can be used to calculate the number of bedrooms. When the rooms are either too huge or too little, it takes more time to unload and costs more upfront.

9.The Geographic Surroundings Of The Site Where The Cold Storage Will Be Constructed.
The proper determination of the cooling load to be computed for the product to be computed in the warehouses depends on factors like the external weather conditions and relative humidity.

10.Cold Storage Building Style
Steel or concrete structures can be used to build cold storage. To lessen heat gain through the floor, sidewalls, and ceilings, the apartments must be adequately insulated.

11.Door Design
Price is one of the deciding criteria, along with doors in refrigerated temperature and heat gain formation. As a result, the appropriate door kinds must be chosen.

● Sliding door: Applied as the cold house’s door. The object needs to be at a size and height where the forklift can approach.
● Impact doors are used at intersections when corridors lead from the office to the warehouse.
● Sectional doors: Used to divide the manufacturing or shipping area from the exterior space.

12. Other Considerations
Also, it’s crucial to leave room for expansions and to enable for car parking and mobility. A cold warehouse requires handling spaces, car parks, plant rooms, roadways, railroad connections, and various service building types, all of which were covered earlier in this article. It also needs a cold container.

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cold storage plant cost in india

Bottom Line

The aforementioned studies must be conducted out exceedingly extensively because even one of these could have a significant impact on cold storage plant cost in india and ultimately its feasibility. When choosing a location, it is frequently important to make a compromise since investigations may reveal that one site is better from an operating standpoint while another is more affordable to build from a building standpoint.

In some studies, particularly those involving commercial and technological answers and for large – scale applications that frequently need to be integrated into a national network, it is advised that qualified specialists complete the study.

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