What Question Should I Ask Regarding Cold Storage?

What Question Should I Ask Regarding Cold Storage

Ever wonder how we might have year-round access to international cuisines like ice cream, unusual fruits, and vegetables? The issue with our modern agricultural practices is cold storage. So what precisely is cold storage? Through the use of cold storage or temperature-controlled facilities, we can now enjoy fresh produce even when it’s not in season.

What Question Should I Ask Regarding Cold Storage?

Cold storage solutions are quite new offerings. So, customers do not have sufficient information available about them. If you are also considering using cold storage services, you might ask a few questions before finalizing your decision. So, you might be thinking “what question should I ask regarding cold storage?”. Keep reading to learn about the questions that you should ask the vendors.

Here are some of the most important questions to ask:

  1. How Can I Tell Whether It’s Good?

To provide yourself peace of mind, don’t be frightened to analyze your feedback, get customer information, and look at prior work. You must also verify the industry’s qualification certificate, SOS-AD Certificate, and KESKINSO registration status.

This is important to consider if you are going to store a large number of products in cold storage units. So, be assured about the services provided to you.

  1. How Do I Determine The Kind Of Room I Require?

There are different times for cold storage unit solutions. Each product requires different temperatures. So, you should always determine the kind of cold storage room. This would help keep your products in the most optimum condition.

  1. Do you perform your own installations?

If the organization outsources its installations and custom fabrication, make sure you find out. This would enable you to assess the firm’s experience in cold rooms. From inquiry to building to engineering, the firm should adhere to all of our solutions that provide service consistency. With their installation service, you can expect top-notch craftsmanship from professionals that take responsibility for their work.

  1. How Long Does The Process Take?

Inquire about the timeframe for receiving quotes, supplying, and establishing your needed cold room. We strive to submit bids within 24hrs. We promise to never lie about a company’s accessibility or the time it would take to have it installed. Following order confirmation and payment, we can often fulfill or ship your purchase within 5-7 days. Every recommendation is complimentary, and if a survey study is necessary, this service is also provided without cost.

  1. Do you move or modify the present rooms?

Inquire if the business can move any current cold rooms. Decommissioning work that they may do includes removal, transfer, and reinstallation. On the basis of age and condition, you should finalize the decision. 

  1. What occurs if I run into an issue after the work is complete?

Particularly if a third party is building up the room, after-sales maintenance is recommended if some problem occurs. We take care of all installations, give 24-month parts warranties, and take pride in providing a helpful and trustworthy service. We kindly request that you call us if anything goes horribly wrong so that we can address it properly.

  1. What maintenance is required for the cold storage units?

The potential vendor should tell you the best way to maintain your cold storage unit. We advise you to get regular checks every six months to make sure the cold room is working as efficiently as it can. On internal maintenance, the owners should be ready to provide guidance. There should be a proper way available for the maintenance of the cold storage units.

The cold storage units only double the profits for the business owners. So, you must consider the maintenance of cold storage before you start using them.

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The market for cold storage units will significantly grow in the upcoming years. These years are the best time to invest in cold storage units. Whether you want to rent cold storage units or buy cold storage units, you should consider a perfect guideline.

Cold storage units are being constructed at a fast rate across the world. The cold room and frost room are pretty good investments. Before you make any investments, you want to ensure that you get high-quality goods and craftsmanship from a reputable, established business. So, ask all of the above questions and buy the best deal for cold storage units.

Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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