Which are the 10 agricultural commodities stored in cold storage in India?

Which are the 10 agricultural commodities stored in cold storage in India

Agricultural commodities are the main seeking space in cold storage. There are many commodities you must know ‘which are the 10 agricultural commodities stored in cold storage in India?’ The refrigeration system of a cold storage unit works on two principles Vapor absorption and Vapor compression systems. Consult with Yogesh Dahiya, the NSSPL MD, to know more about the working system of cold storage. 

Which are the 10 agricultural commodities stored in cold storage in India?

To begin with, the agricultural commodities stored in India in cold storage are many.

  • Potato
  • Cucumber
  • Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Leafy materials
  • Apple
  • Mango
  • Orange 
  • Grape
  • Cabbage, carrot, radish
  • Pumpkins, melons, and squashes

Storing agricultural commodities requires looking at the value chain of the commodity, humidity, temperature, and seasonality. Consider the sensitivity of the commodities so that the agricultural commodities assure safe storage.

There is no doubt that among all the other agricultural commodities, potato storage in India is the highest. It is as per the survey of the National Horticulture Board. There are similar data from the Ministry of food processing, as well. The cold storage facilities featuring multi-commodities operate over a range of humidity and temperature.

The temperature for the cold storage units is -25 degree Celsius. Keeping them in a deep freezer the vegetables ensures they stay fresh for use. Of course, there is the vegetable that does not freeze, and if you try freezing them, they end up mushy.

On the other hand, some agricultural commodities enjoy being frozen for a longer time. However, if they are frozen for a longer time, it is best stored in separate bags, so that handling is easier. You can make the portions of meal size and store them in a freezer-safe box or a jar in the freeze.

Leafy greens freeze well. However, Yogesh Dahiya, the MD of NSSPL, says it should be cleaned and blanched before freezing. Remember, ‘Do not miss or ignore the blanching part.’ The blanching arrests the enzymatic actions. The leaves taste fresh. If not, they start degrading at freezing temperatures. It creates bad odor and color.

Just as greens, consider blanching before freezing. Freezing eggplants is not appropriate. It is best to cook before freezing. However, you can store roasted eggplant and make the food later.

Fruits are not appropriate to freeze. You can freeze the puree and not the fruit. However, apples stay in a cool room if the humidity is not low for months. Nevertheless, fruits stay fresh for a few weeks in the fridge, and do not consider them for a few months. 

Yogesh Dahiya, MD of NSSPL says vegetables such as pumpkins, melons, and squashes can be for a year if you store them ripe. Check with him about other agricultural commodities worth storing in cold storage.

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