Which Company Makes Cold Storage?

What Is The Average Budget To Build A Cold Storage Of 1000 Sq Ft In India

To fulfill the expanding need for temperature-controlled warehouses, many cold storage businesses are developing cutting-edge equipment and sophisticated processes. So, which company makes cold storage?

NSSPL is the Top-Notch Quality Cold Storage Services Provider in the Market.

The question “Which company makes cold storage” is at everyone’s tongue. One of the top cold storage businesses in India is called NSSPL. Companies in India have full trust and faith in the temperature management of the NSSPL. Reputable companies turn to the NSSPL.They are capable of handling the items in the -20°C to +20°C temperature range.

They provide services to almost every sector of industry, such as quick-service eateries, confectionery, food processing, chicken, livestock, pharmaceuticals, fruits, and veggies.

Main Features of the NSSPL Services:

  • We offer the most sophisticated, cutting-edge, and constructed with the most recent technologies.
  • Products stay fresh for a longer amount of time because parameters are kept precisely and reliably.
  • Adaptable technologies is another top-quality feature of the NSSPL cold storage solutions.
  • The NSSPL has a completely automated Efficient system.
  • The NSSPL is requiring less upkeep
  • The NSSPL is created to hold all kinds of perishable goods
  • We are starting at 500 MT and increasing with the passage of time.

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The NSSPL Offers the Various Types of the Cold Storage Solutions to its Customers.

Numerous cold storage services, such as refrigerated, chilled, and ambient storage, are offered by NSSPL.. Their multi-capacity chambers adhere to the strictest requirements for handling products at controlled temperatures. The business has the know-how, experience, and in-depth comprehension required to consistently improve the effectiveness of the integrated cold chain with innovative solutions.

Here are the top solutions offered by the NSSPL:

These storages are perfect for general-purpose food goods like pulses, grains, jaggery, milk products, etc. that need to be kept fresh for a long time. Fruits and vegetables, such as asparagus, mangoes, onions, garlic, green chilies, broccoli, cauliflower, oranges, and so on Items of food that are frozen, such as RTE, RTC, French fries, frozen peas, ice cream, seafood, meat fish, etc.

NSSPL Dominates the Market with its Unique and Amazing-Quality Solutions.

NSSPL is dedicated to dominating the market for superior, affordable cold chain systems. Its products for refrigerated and frozen food companies give clients a competitive edge, enabling them to prosper in a market that is constantly shifting. The business now conducts business across India, offering its customers speedy, reliable cold storage and transportation services through controlled, overseen partner shops and transporters.

cold storage machine
NSSPL Offers the First-Rated Cold Storage Solutions.

For temperature-controlled logistics operations, such as cold storage, transport, and value-added facilities, NSSPL is a global leader in India.

To keep goods secure, hygienic, and at the right temperature, NSSPL Cold Storage offers first-rate cold storage space. All parts of storage are effectively handled by their highly qualified staff. They promise that there will be no damage, theft, or temperature abuse.


NSSPL, one of the top companies offering post-harvest solutions, provides natural storage options. Based on customer needs for cold storage, NSSPL delivers turnkey solutions for all types of cold storage, comprising civil and PEB works, by pioneering and shaping the sector through its exclusive innovations and also globally available technology.

For all cold chain initiatives, we are responsible for the conception, planning, procurement, execution, and operation. We distinguish ourselves from competing technologies and developments through Optimal Design, Effective Technological Integration, and After Execution Services. Customers receive each of these services from a single center that works with just one business.

Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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