Why cold storage plant are needed in India?

Why cold storage plant are needed in India

Receive a cordial greeting from the entire team that makes up Yogesh Dahiya, your specialist in industrial refrigeration, hoping that you are very well. Nowadays, you must be taking interest in cold storage once in a while if you have ever thought about what cold storage plants are needed in India, let’s find out the answer here in this article.

We will thus begin this explanation that aims to be clear and direct without so many technicalities in order to understand the importance of good construction for industrial refrigeration, and the importance of processes so that a perishable product reaches the hands of its final consumer fresh and in good condition, free of pathogens and with certified quality.

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Why cold storage plants are needed in India?

Currently, there are endless perishable products within our reach in India, it does not matter if they are from the other side of the country or come from other continents, with current conservation methods and the cold chain, it is possible to taste these products without further requirement.

You have to go to the store of your choice, but it wasn’t always like that, in ancient times, we didn’t have the technologies that we have today. So, ice was extracted from the lakes every winter and could be preserved for periods of time longer.

But this was not enough for the products to be marketed, it was not until 1834, when an American engineer, named Jacob Perkins, patented a machine that managed to make ice and was cooled with ether.

But the great revolution in food preservation and trade came with the discovery of industrial cold when Charles Tellier 1874 invented the first refrigerated ship, which allowed large quantities of meat to be transported from Australia to England.

Cold storages:

The cold storages are storages where agricultural or livestock products are stored, they are specially designed to optimize temperatures, allowing these products to be offered to the consumer for longer periods than the harvest or that the sacrifice for this to be possible is necessary to have a good cold chain.

Cold chain:

The cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. An intact cold chain assures the consumer that the consumer product they receive has been maintained within a range of temperatures during production, transportation, storage, and sale.

This is why the chain becomes of vital importance for the correct storage and commercialization of perishable products since if the cold chain is cut or is deficient, all the products that we are storing will be affected and may even be lost. Currently, there are very high-quality standards that allow industrial buyers to determine if a product has been outside its cold chain and if it deteriorates. This leads to losses if products are rejected.

The cold storages are warehouses where the preceding products are stored or processed through controlled and supervised refrigeration.

The cold chain is the method used for the correct transportation and distribution of perishable products, thanks to it food can be marketed without breaking down.

And with this we come to the end of this entry that has the purpose of making known little by little the bases and basics of industrial refrigeration, hoping that it has been to your liking, we say goodbye wishing you the best in these upcoming holidays and many thank you.

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Installation and maintenance of cold storage:

We work on the entire cycle of the industrial refrigeration installation, as well as with all the components of a refrigeration installation: compressor, evaporator, condenser, and expansion valve.

The main cold storages with which we work, both in installation and maintenance, are the following:

  • Freezing chamber. They are a universal type and easy to transport, store and install. The panels can be switched between them. Thus the chamber can be easily expanded according to needs. The temperature of these chambers ranges between -18 and -20 ºC.
  • Conservation Chamber. Also known as a positive chamber. It is used for refrigeration of food, lowering the temperature until it is slightly above the freezing point. In this way, the degradation of food is slowed down, making it last longer. The temperature is between 0 and 5 ºC.
  • We also work with equipment for funeral homes. Refrigeration in funeral homes is a common and essential element. With the regulations in force, it is necessary to have industrial cold equipment for the exhibition storage and for the preparation storage.

The temperature will have to range between 0 and 5 ºC for the first storage and between 15 and 18 ºC for the second.

Maintenance of cold storage with industrial cold:

The maintenance of industrial cold is not an easy task, since it requires experienced specialists with suitable qualifications. In GIROLAN S.L. we work in the following areas:

  • General maintenance. We carry out maintenance tasks on industrial refrigeration machinery, comprehensively or by parts (ducts, interior, exterior, etc). Good maintenance means durability, safety, and optimal performance.
  • Preventive Maintenance. Conservation of facilities, machines, and equipment, through the review determined by the corresponding regulations. In this way, future and efficient operation will be guaranteed, as well as future inconveniences and higher costs will be avoided.
  • Corrective maintenance. Location of possible breakdowns and failures of the machinery.
  • Scheduled corrective maintenance. The process to identify the possible worn parts prior to the moment in which the revision is going to be executed. With this method, the hours of inactivity or little production are better planned.

In summary, the installation, repair, and maintenance of cold storage are basic in most companies, which makes them essential pieces of the perfect gear for any industry.

Why cold storage plants are needed in India?

Cold rooms are essential because they help to prolong the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, they are very effective as they reduce the waste amount.

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