Why is cold storage class 5?

Why is cold storage class 5?

The loading warehouse door has always been one of the largest sources of energy loss in food cold storage facilities. Even when properly balanced, a manually operated door can swing up after closing and open a gap at the bottom causing air conditioning to leak. There are several classes in cold storage and if you have no idea about why is cold storage class 5, let’s find out here.

Why is cold storage class 5?

Class 5 in cold storage means storing food materials in a cold environment. Mostly frozen foods, seafood, meat, etc. 

In addition to spending on electrical energy, there is also the problem of food safety. A gap of as little as 1/4 inch can cause the facility to violate Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance by losing enough energy to partially thaw food in the dock area. At the same time, it opens the way for pests and pathogens to enter from the outside. In that case, the facility will be subject to regulatory non-compliance fines and may have to dispose of the food.

To avoid such losses, the architect’s specifications for the project must address all elements of the door. These include the following:

  • Door types. Minor bumps from forklifts tend to occur on all loading docks. In the case of a standard door, they could misalign the panels and rollers, opening gaps in and around the door. In contrast, a shatter-resistant door is designed to quickly reset itself after an impact.
  • Door levelers. Pit type dock levelers can prevent doors from sealing tight at the bottom when closing. Instead, consider using modular pier bridges. When not in use, the spring bridges fold vertically into the opening, allowing the bottom of the door to seal well against the floor. Plus, they’re easier to clean than pit levelers and protect closed forklift doors.
  • Shelters and fasteners. A good dock shelter will form an air seal around the top and side of the vehicle, and be strong enough to withstand crashes without damage. The shelter must be combined with a vehicle restraint that holds the vehicle securely against the dock seal.
  • Gate operators. A commercial-grade motorized door is a must for any cold storage operation. The operator makes it less likely that the doors will stay open while also preventing them from rolling up, meaning no gaps will form at the top of the closed door.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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