Why Is cold storage necessary?

Why Is cold storage necessary?

One of the biggest challenges in cold environments is maintaining the right temperature for products stored indoors while keeping costs low. This must be done without compromising the proper operation of the truck. Other challenges include optimizing battery capacity, minimizing wasted space and problems caused by condensation. Let’s find out why is cold storage necessary and also learn here are some tips for solving these common challenges and optimizing your operations.

Land required for 2000 MT cold storage

Why is cold storage necessary?

The demand for cold storage is increasing in the food supply, the perishable goods production goods like vegetables and fruits continue to rise. To preserve these goods, they will need to place in a cold storage facility to ensure they don’t spoil. So, hope you got the answer to your question about why is cold storage necessary. Now, let’s learn some tips for solving these common challenges and optimizing your operations.

1. Wear the right gear:

Reliable, fast, and maneuverable trucks will support a workflow to ensure fresh produce does not spoil. Cold storage operations are one of the toughest material handling challenges, as sub-zero temperatures can negatively affect trucks. Therefore, to avoid breakdowns and repair costs, specialized cold storage trucks with certain options (such as cold storage oil, stainless steel axles, etc.) are recommended. In addition, with a pre-operational check, workers can ensure that the equipment is ready to start working, ensuring that time is not wasted.

2. Take advantage of the space:

Space is expensive in cold stores. Therefore, space utilization and storage must be optimized. To do this, a good option is to choose storage options that use space in the most efficient way possible. For example, automated solutions maximize space usage while maintaining high throughput and reducing the number of workers required in the cold room.

3. Look for new energy solutions:

They allow longer run time and there are solutions on the market that even allow cold charging, with a small battery heater so the trucks can run continuously throughout the shift.

4. Ensure worker comfort:

In addition to proper clothing, workers’ productivity will benefit if the truck they work with keeps them warm in cold environments. For example, equipping reach trucks with a climate-controlled cab can contribute to employee health and safety. 

The additional cost related to heated cabs has a quick return on investment, productivity remains high throughout the work shift thanks to the comfort of the staff, which translates into a reduction in work breaks (these are practical common in cold environments and typically represent a 10% to 15% loss in productivity).

5. Consider automation for repetitive tasks:

A simple way to reduce the number of workers in cold environments is to automate certain processes. The introduction of automated trucks for the automated transport or storage of pallets can be done step by step. Employees can take on alternative tasks where they are not exposed to harsh working conditions.

6. Keep the service up to date:

Working in cold and wet conditions can be challenging for truck fleets. Having access to qualified service technicians and genuine parts is key to keeping logistics operations running smoothly 24/7.

At Natural Storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd., we have the latest cold storage facilities to be able to provide the necessary assistance, using the data provided by telematics in order to improve the service we offer. We always recommend contacting a service plan, especially when working with forklifts in difficult conditions, such as temperature-controlled storage.

Industrial cold and installation of machinery:

Industrial cold is the name of the technological activity of creating, installing, and maintaining refrigeration machines. Industrial cold is created by means of refrigeration machines that carry out refrigeration systems of different configurations and capacities according to the needs of the industrial process.

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The systems differ in:

  • Refrigeration systems for refrigerated chambers and refrigerators, installed in industrial warehouses to store or freeze food.
  • Sea transportation. soil or air that needs a low storage temperature.
  • Cold centers and dispensing machines that maintain the temperature of the chamber between 1 and 4ºC for keeping fresh products, and between -18 and -30ºC for frozen products.
  • Systems to cool water in hotels, buildings, and hospitals.

Refrigeration equipment:

A refrigeration unit, or “refrigeration machine”, is a thermal machine created to collect heat energy from one area and evacuate it to another.

Refrigeration equipment can be classified according to temperature, power, airflow, installation, among others.

The minimum elements are:
  • Compressor: It is used to pump the refrigerant fluid, creating an area of ​​high pressure that causes the movement of the refrigerant in the device.
  • Condenser: It is normally a copper coil with aluminum sheets that dissipate heat. It serves to release heat from the refrigerant.
  • Evaporator: It is also a coil, but something different. In air conditioning equipment it is very similar to the condenser, but in domestic refrigeration equipment, it is usually hidden in the walls of the freezer. It serves so that the refrigerant collects the heat of the area to be cooled.
  • Expansion device: It can be an expansion valve or a capillary tube. It serves to let the coolant get from the high-pressure part of the circuit to the low-pressure part, expanding.

If you want to know in detail why is cold storage necessary, get in touch with us through Natural Storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

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